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Important Gangs of New York Essay Questions

If you are asked to write a creative and good reflective essay, your basic goal is to learn expressing personal emotions and thoughts about a specific event or anything else. Basically, when it comes to your writing a reflective essay , keep in mind that it provides you with effective training to improve your critical thinking and creative skills in addition to developing your opinion on any given topic, regardless of whether it’s chosen by yourself or given by your professors. If you need to write a quality Gangs of New York essay , focus on this important piece of American history because this movie depicts many interesting figures and events. It’s all about the story that takes place in the 19th century, in Manhattan, and it tells people about the conflict between locals and Irish immigrants settling in the violent and barren neighborhood. If you have any difficulties with this assignment, consider professional dissertation writing services . For example, our skilled academic authors can complete even the most complicated task fast and provide the necessary guarantees.

  • Do you agree that the Irish immigrants depicted in this famous movie can be called a product of economic pressures in their home country? Is it possible to apply any sociological theory to explain the process depicted?
  • Are the images used in this story connected with the depiction of religion and ethnicity? Can you analyze the main characters, such as Amsterdam, using any sociological theory?
  • One of the major functions of prejudice is the labor exploitation. Use this idea in your New York essay . What theory can you use to analyze underlying reasons behind the emergence of these processes?
  • Do you believe that Amsterdam’s connection and his group of immigrants to Roman Catholicism are responsible for existing conflicts because of obvious differences between them and the dominant group?
  • Watch this movie before getting started with your writing an opinion essay . Pay attention to identity markers and the process of social dominance. Are they really important for individual survival and social functioning?
  • What theory can best explain the depiction of the ultimate governmental purpose, authority, and exercised power?
  • Are there any modern examples that parallel the represented processes of dominance based on races, religious beliefs, and ethnicity? Make sure that you have enough evidence to support your opinion when crafting a logical and interesting New York descriptive essay .
  • Do you think that religious affiliation differences created a problem in the social structure at that time?
  • Is the concept of strangers ceased to be so important nowadays? Did it happen because of the latest advances in technology?
  • Were immigration laws structured to ensure equal immigration opportunities for all groups?

Basic Steps to Write Your Reflective Essay

  • Pick an interesting topic for your New York essay . If you are stuck, look for something that you feel passionate about, as this is what can simplify other processes, such as making a solid thesis statement.
  • Create an outline. This simple tool will serve as your mind map and help you identify major ideas and arguments that will help you support your opinion and make readers follow your thinking process. When considering the logical sequence of essay paragraphs to write them properly.
  • Start your essay New York City with a strong and catchy opening paragraph because it should force people to read more and become engaged at once.
  • Write down your ideas, examples, facts, and other supporting arguments, such as relevant religious studies , in the main body paragraphs and focus on every point in a separate one.
  • When writing a conclusion, be sure to sum up your major ideas. For example, you can finish your academic paper with a rhetorical question.

Important Points That You Should Remember

  • Your essay introduction should give readers a hint about its conclusion.
  • Don’t forget that all reflective essays should be based on personal experiences and thoughts, and that’s why it’s allowed to write them in the first person.
  • Using many quotations in its introduction can make your paper writing appear more authoritative.
  • When crafting Gangs of New York essays , you can describe not only what went right, but also focus on what went wrong.

Essay Writing Dos and Don’ts

  • Feel free to write your ideas and thoughts in a descriptive manner, but make sure that they all are stated clearly because it makes easier for readers to follow your thinking process. Keep your academic paper as formal as possible and follow a standard structure (its introduction, main body, and conclusion). You need to write it based on your personal reflections and perceptions, but using factual materials is a must. If you are not sure how to do that, take a look at a case study template or use professional essay writing services offered by our team of authors at reasonable rates.
  • Don’ts. Being too person is a poor idea, so remember that you’re writing a college assignment, but not a letter to your good friend. Another common mistake made by students is trying to discuss all of their experiences and reflections in one essay while it’s better to pick the most significant ones and support them. You should never try to write everything at once, so start with creating a detailed map that contains clear directions. Avoid crafting free-flowing reflective essay because your thoughts should be in a logical order.
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