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Some points on general essay writing

Writing an essay can be either extremely easy or extremely difficult. Some struggle with the varying types of essay writing. writing a personal essay , for example, requires certain skills and requires a good level of discipline, so as to most effectively write an appropriate and thought provoking essay, which all types of writing require. Some try to skip the difficult parts of essay writing, just as some people try to improve their resume by trying to find the best resume writing service. It can be done, but at least some knowledge of how to write either is a necessity, even for those who choose to take a little shortcut. Before you write a Native Son essay , for example, you should have at least a passing knowledge of how to write an informative essay, for without even that, you will struggle to write anything close to being insightful or interesting, or of even holding the reader’s attention. In the case of writing a Native Son essay , besides knowing how to write, one must also be able to confidently write at length about the context in which the novel was written. One should also ensure they have a strong knowledge of American literary tradition; the novels that have come before Native son, and even those that have been written since. Native Son essays should not merely regurgitate information about the story, the writer, the characters and other things such as critical opinion of the novel (both at the time it was released and retrospective critical discussion), but they should also make themselves aware of how their Native Son essay differs from others: one should not simply copy the work of others, the style of others and especially not the option of others - find your own voice. And they should also be aware of where Native Son stands in the wider context of American literature, which is of the utmost importance if they are to produce a good standard Native Son essay . Again, one might try to take a slight shortcut on this too, using Wikipedia or perhaps even attempting to find a good case study template as the basis for their essay, too. Again, whilst this is not recommended, it’s also not the worst idea in the world either if done effectively and with some caution.

Anybody writing an informative essay on Native Son, for example, should heed the advice above, as anybody writing at any high level of academia should at the very least have a good knowledge of their subject and whatever it is they are writing about. A thesis proposal should be concise, well-informed and clear. Any hypothesis should be graspable by anybody and should set out the objectives of the thesis with accuracy and clarity. Like any aspect of essay writing, even the topics on which to base an essay can be found online, but should not necessarily be considered the Holy Grail, as it were, of any given topic, as tastes differ by person. Some Native son essay topics , for example, will not suit everybody; some will be an attempt to provoke an argument of discussion of the work’s merits and intentions, others might be about the critical opinion of the novel, the author or even how the novel's themes and style reflect a wider literary movement.

Using the internet to write about Native Son

If you are still determined to write your Native Son essay with the help of the internet and of the various online sources, then you will find plenty of content, however, you should absolutely proceed with caution. There is a huge array of online sources dedicated to providing aids for helping you write essays, including Native Son essays , but that does not necessarily mean that the majority of them will be reliable and trusted. However, that is also not to say that those that offer such things as study questions, essay topics, discussions of themes, plot synopses and character exploration are all totally useless. Something that could prove more useful before consulting the ceaseless corridors of the internet might be the Notes of a Native Son James Baldwin essay , which discusses the novel at length, discussing various ideas and thematic concepts related to the novel and its plot. You can find many James Baldwin essays online , as well as various other sources for discussion of Native Son essays . Some even offer academic standard essay discussion points such as questions about “Jan and Mary’s attitude toward race relations” and their “subtle prejudices,” and “The use of actual historic events.” Both topics are good examples of academic style lines of questioning in sophisticated, but again, you should ensure your hypothesis and what you want to express about Native Son in your essay is clear and well communicated, even within the framework of questions composed by others.

Above all, make sure you know how to write an essay and that you have read Native Son and at least, one piece of critical analysis on the essay. Without a combination of these key components, your essay will lack any kind of direction or quality, even with the help of online sources, as good or as bad as they may be.

  • Both of the examples of Native Son essay questions cited above came from and book respectively, and were part of a wider selection of questions of varying quality, but I felt the two I mentioned were slightly better and more appropriate for a sophisticated and well-informed essay than others that are available.
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