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Getting started with my purpose in life essay

Essays can be different. Depending on its genre, style, format and topic students find it easy or difficult to complete. However, if writing is not your strengths, no matter how interesting the topic is, you will get frustrated anyway. Fortunately, we created a great service specially for students, who cannot face the challenges that their professors and the system of education as a whole throw into them without support. We know exactly how to deal with all kinds of writing assignments and will readily help you deal with them. Keep reading and learn easy tips and guidelines useful for writing a remarkable my purpose in life essay .

Before actually proceed to writing your paper, you need to provide yourself with enough of time. First of all, it is important to make sure that you understand the assignment. Read all the requirements and ask for clarifications in case you need some. Then, think of the main question the assignment asks you to answer. In case of writing my purpose in life essay , you need to come up with the purpose of your life first of all, obviously. You should not, however, share your intimate thoughts and secrets. All you are expected to write about in my purpose in life essay , is your personal understanding of what you are going to achieve at a certain age, without announcing your secret plans (if you have some) to the audience. Anyway, if you still have no idea what the purpose of your life is, look at the following guidelines and try to identify where you are going, or, if to be more precise, where you want to go.

How to understand your purpose in life

Don't hurry up to start writing my purpose in life essay . At first, you need to know exactly what you will write about. Therefore, take the steps we provided below.

  • Remember your childhood dreams. How did you imagine yourself in twenty, thirty, forty years? What was your dream profession? Even if you wanted to become a cosmonaut, you should consider all your childish desires, as long as they reflect what you really want deep in your soul.
  • Think about your hobbies. If you don't have any, think about what you would like to do if you had more time. This will help you understand what you are interested in, what your passion is, and so on.
  • Imagine that you possess all the money in the world, or at least enough money for not to be obligated with making them. And then, think about what would you do in such situation in order to realize what you get pleasure from, not what makes you paid. The truth is, the need of money (which is normal, as long as we all depend on certain economic issues) often restricts people from doing what they truly want.
  • Make a list of your values that you have in life. What do you appreciate, love, want most of all? Usually, people consider to be their life values such things as family, wealth, career, physical well-being, autonomy, social connections and others.
  • Start keeping a purpose journal. Every time an interesting idea comes to your mind, write it down in the journal. Don't worry how your writing looks and sounds. Nobody, except you, is going to read it.
  • Ask yourself questions about your feelings all the time. When and why have your felt the happiest person in the world? Why would you like to do those changes? Write what makes you sad, curious, and so on.
  • Take advantages from backwards planning. Imagine that you have already lived a long life and you are about ninety years old. You look at yourself and think of the mistakes that you made in your life, wrong decision, etc. What advice would you give to yourself?
  • Think about your purpose in life within the purpose in life of humanity. For example, if the purpose of humanity is to save the planet, may want to join this mission, become a proper environment saving organization, etc.
  • Don't be afraid to admire people. If there is someone whose way of life inspires you, feel free to admire this person, as long as it is absolutely normal when people serve as examples to follow for each other.
  • Ask you friends what your strengths and weaknesses are. How your friends imagine your future? What associations do they have with your personality? This is important, because sometimes true friends can know you better than you do.
  • Try to avoid thinking and acting in absolutes. People who tend to think that they can have only one purpose and restrict their desires with rules and common views, make a big mistake. In fact, you may have one main purpose, and a number of little purposes.
  • Learn new things. You may learn how to meditate, how to play tennis, draw, and so on. Learning new things may discover for you your passions and, as a result, your purposes.
  • Stop trying to please your parents, friends, the society you live in. You have only one life, and it's yours. Therefore, don't pay attention to what other people say, just do what you want to. Even when you think of your purpose, think of it, regardless of what others may say.
  • Read your journal and diary. This is helpful when you need to analyze your decisions. Also, it will help you understand yourself better.

Having said that, we suggest devoting to these steps enough of time and take it seriously, as long as you will not write my purpose in life essay , until you decide what your purposes are.

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