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Considering the idea of my hero essay

Essay about your hero can be an interesting and great assignment to complete, at least in comparison to all the other topics to write about in a paper. The purpose of this writing task is to make students think about heroes in their lives, what people are considered to be heroes and to let students provide their opinion in regard to the image of heroes in contemporary world. If to think thoroughly, there is a wide range of issues that may be covered in your paper. Here, you will find tips and guidelines that may be useful and will help you create a fascinating story about a hero. Keep reading to learn more.

Taking into consideration that essay on my hero should probably be written in the narrative style (as long as it is not a research paper), it should have a plot. Therefore, you need to come up not only with the person you are going to write about, but also with a good plot, where this person could become the main character. Below, we provided steps that you should undertake in order to create an interesting plot and write your narrative paper, sequentially.

    • The hero should be the main, not the only character of your essay. You need to think of his enemies, people he helped or saved, his friends and even a family. You also should include certain details, names, their age, maybe some facts about their past.
    • Consider the setting. You need to define the place (the country and the city), where the hero lives, in what time period he lives and so on. Keep in mind that these factors affect his image, the appearance of the hero, his manners, behavior, etc.


  • What family does the hero have? How many members are in his family? What do they do and what is their age? Don't try to include too many details, although let the reader know and understand the overall pattern.
  • Provide your hero with feelings, ambitions and objectives. Does he has a purpose of his life? Does he want to save the planet or a certain person? As a matter of fact, the plot of your narrative essay should be built around certain goal that the hero is accomplishing throughout the whole pattern.
  • Introduce the friends of the hero and his beloved, if he has one. Give a few details and describe their relationships.
  • Now it is time to introduce to the reader the enemy of the hero. In fact, he needs to have an enemy, whom he fights against. It is important if you want your essay to be interesting and electrify your audience. Also, keep in mind that the enemy should really participate in the story and play a certain role, not just exist.
  • Think about the difficulties your hero is going to overcome in order to achieve his goal. Nothing can be too simple in my favourite hero essay , if you want it to be exciting. Make up different troubles, adventures and so on.
  • Look at your hero from the position of a reader. Does he seem realistic? Do you personally believe in his story? You need to make your reader believe that this hero is a real person, as long as your essay is not going to be a fairy-tale.
  • Think of the fight between your hero and his enemy. As a rule, the main fight is the culmination of the story, which takes place in the last part of a narrative essay.
  • Think about the end of your essay. Does it have to be a happy one and or not? If it is a happy end, you should make your hero win in the fight with his enemy. If not, make him lose. This is your decision, you can make whatever end you want.
  • Think about what is going to happen next, after the main fight. Although it is almost the end of your story, you still need to make up a good conclusion. It can be surprising and unexpected or you can make it logical and rational, it is up to you.

What to do if you got stuck

Having said that, we would like to warn you that it is not necessary to follow exactly the steps provided below. You are free to choose a strategy and methodology to follow, which seems the most appropriate for you. We also suggest checking out well-written my hero essay examples . It will help you comprehend the structure, essential parts, components of the narrative essay and will demonstrate you how it has to look like. In case if you feel like you got stuck, we assure you that you just need more inspiration. In order to get it, you can watch a great film about a hero, or read a short story, or a novel on the same topic. Look how other people describe heroes and find out what makes their stories interesting and fascinating. Following a good example is not bad, since you don't make a copy of it.

In addition, try to avoid using a plot and characters that commonly appear in the stories of other writers. Remember that your story needs to be unique and original, use your fantasy and let your imagination free. If your story is original, the readers will certainly like it more, and you personally will have much more fun to write it. Use interesting stories from real life that you heard about and be sure that you personally can write a great story.

As you can see, writing my hero essays can be fun, especially if you have all the required skills, such as writing, creative and others. At the same time, if you are not sure whether you can handle accomplishment of this writing assignment on your own, we are happy to inform you that our team of professional writers is always ready to help you. Contact us at any time and get your paper perfectly written. This will save your time, efforts and you will get a good mark. Look at some other services that our team provides.

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