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My favorite teacher essay writing tips

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The fact remains that it is not always easy to pick out the best from anything you are doing. having a number of things with the option of picking out the best entails showcasing the qualities of proper judgment, and it is one of the skills many people do not have. However, when it comes to your favorite teacher in school, it is a very practical thing and it is a bit easier to choose. One major thing again is that students always tend to choose based on the things that are not worthwhile. One may say that the teacher is his favorite because he makes his class very short and simple. This is for the lazy students, and instead of being of help to them, this attribute will further ruin their future. So, writing an essay on my favorite teacher has never been an easy task. Though we can say that the favorite teacher should be the one who ensures that you learn what you are supposed to learn, writing the essay is not as easy as that. This is actually why there are many essay writing services out there all in the function of trying to help students come out with objective essays about favorite teachers. In the real sense of it, these firms offer many other things in the academic world. These things include research summary for final year college students who are engaged in different types of research works. Our services as an academic help firm do not end in providing such summaries for you, it also extends to all other areas of your academic life in the college. The fact is that we will be there all through your college years as a companion, a guide, and a trusted helper. So, even when you discover that you are no longer having the required interest in your education due to known and unknown reasons, you can always run to us for help. When it is time for you to come out with your thesis, you should rush to us for your thesis format. We know the format that is fitting for every type of work and we will use them when we write theses for you.

When you are writing my favorite teacher essay , there is one important area your mind must not escape. This area is the area of grading. You have to remember that you are not writing an essay to impress your readers only, you are not writing it to put up an argument that will shake the society. Even when this is involved in your college essays, it is on the secondary list. The primary thing you are doing the essay for is to gain more marks in the class and get a good grade after your college years because the essays are part of the cumulative for rating. So, focus on the things that are looked at when grading my favorite teacher essays. The first thing in this regard is your level of objectivity, the sequence of your thoughts, the quality of your arguments and other things that showcase your intellectual prowess like how logically your points are presented and others. After this, you have to concentrate on the next thing which is the presentation format for your essay. Though your teacher will give you the format or style for the work, the way you apply it is also graded here. if you are told to write an apa paper, the teacher has to grade according to the way you make your citations, quotations, referencing, how you organize different sections of the essay and other things about outline and presentation just like in a business plan. From here, the teacher will now move to the next important part of the essay. This angle takes care of things like the paragraphing, how the sentences are organized, the flow of argument and logic, grammar, punctuations and general use of English language or any language of the essay. This angle looks at the literary skills you are showcasing. A consideration of all these things will determine the mark you will be awarded for essay my favorite teacher.

What to include in my favorite teacher essay

Now, it is very good for us to stress the fact that there is no single information that makes the favorite teacher essay. You can only include the things you cherish in a teacher. Some may not even be able to write down the reasons why they like the teacher, but within them, that teacher is still their favorite. When writing my favorite teacher essay , you should know that good teachers at least will always come to class with a smile on their face and they will be there on time too. The good one should be that one who offers you the needed help in school and is also concerned about the problems you encounter at home too. The favorite is the teacher who is completely involved in things that concern you. This must have endeared the teacher to you not only as a teacher but also as a friend. An essay about my favorite teacher will simply be about that teacher who does not see the teaching job as a task to be accomplished, after which he or she moves on. The teacher should be the one who is always finding more than 1000 different ways to help me out in solving problems till I can vouch that I now understand those. He does not leave me until there is clear evidence that I can solve the problems. He is the one who corrects my thesis proposal and returns same back to me until I have given the best.

When I write my favorite teacher essay , it should not be about that teacher who tells me to go and relax and stop working even when the case study analysis I submitted is not up to the scratch. Every essay about this teacher must have three main parts, and these are the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

  • The introduction should have one paragraph; the body should have at least three, detailing the three things you like about the teacher while the conclusion should have one.
  • You should end the body paragraphs of the essay by attesting that the things you wrote above are actually the things you like about your teacher.
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