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My favorite restaurant essay writing tips

Now, one obvious thing is that whenever you have to write about your favorite restaurant in college, you will start remembering that restaurant where you had a great experience and which you always crave to go to all the time. If you have any restaurant like this, then your favorite restaurant essay will be an easy thing for you. You simply have to understand that this is not an writing an argumentative essay writing exercise. No, here, you are only doing a description of what you experienced as a person and why you are in love with the experience. In some cases, my favorite restaurant essay may even involve a little comparison of the wonderful experience you had in that restaurant and the experiences you have been faced with in other restaurants, and why you prefer the one you had in your favorite restaurant. So, you can as well call this a literary essay which is written with the intention of convincing people about something you experienced. When I write my favorite restaurant essay , it was about an Italian restaurant that was situated in my neighborhood. People do not understand why I chose it. Many were jostling to talk about the huge restaurants in the highbrow areas where they pay heavily to have a meal and where they meet with celebrities and other big names. But this is not what makes my favorite restaurant essay. In essence, this should be about an encounter you prefer more than others and how you are able to enumerate the experience.

This Italian restaurant has a wide variety of dishes on offer to all the customers. Though, it is a restaurant chain, I prefer the one that is located at the back of my street where I always go to enjoy my sumptuous meal every day. The freshness of their meals is actually the thing that attracted me to the restaurant. This is because they are very close to the suburb where I live and therefore, they source all their food materials and ingredients from the bushes, farms and sea around us. So, you are sure of having a fish meal that is as fresh as your arrival to the restaurant. Actually nothing is refrigerated here. The quantity of food stuff to be used for each day is harvested and offered fresh to the customers. With this type of Italian food, I fell in love with the place at the first time. This is actually what my favorite restaurant essay focused on. When you write this essay, you should realize that, as well as this should be a life experience being explained, it should also involve some form of creative writing. One of the greatest aspects of this restaurant is the Italian music that is always playing at the background whenever I come to eat here. The Italian music of different genres never fails to serenade my soul when I enjoy my meal. Again, you would think you are in Italy when you come to eat here. In fact, I call it the little Italy in my country. This is because the art decor of the walls and the interior of the restaurant is simply pure Italian. On the other hand, the customer service is the best you can ever have anywhere, they offer the type of treatment that makes every customer think that they have been made a guest of honor in the palace of an Italian king. Their services are next to nothing here. I call this my favorite restaurant, and I never fail to write my favorite restaurant essay on this because of the type of food I enjoy here, from their homemade Italian soup with fresh and baked garlic bread sticks and cheese, to the lasagna with amazing taste.

Areas to talk about in my favorite restaurant essay

When I write my favorite restaurant essay about my Italian restaurant or any other, I must start by stating the location of the restaurant in clear terms, so that anybody who wishes to go and check the restaurant out can do so with ease. This is a promo, but it should be a truthful one. If this is part of your college courseworks, your teacher should be able to identify the restaurant as a physical one. After stating the location, you should be able to describe what it looks like, the building, the walls, the interior and the architectural style. Is it Georgian, Victorian, Italian or any other? Make sure you give out enough information to restate why you prefer this and to allow people locate and recognize it. From here, you have to move to the type of food they offer or serve, after which you now sit down to highlight the thing that makes the restaurant so special to you and possibly to others too.

In addition, you may make allusions to why you prefer the restaurant to others by looking at the food system that is better. It may be between the homemade foods and those bought from the restaurants. You may also talk about the traditional foods in your country and how you prefer to have them Vis a Vis how this restaurant offers them. On the other hand, you can still talk about tourist attractions attached to the restaurant. Remember, you are not expected to talk about the food only when you do my favorite restaurant essay and you should not base your essay on hearsay or other people’s experience. The thing that interests you in the restaurant may be other activities around it and may not be the food. So, you may choose to enumerate on the tourist attractions in the city or around the restaurant. If you need us to write a great essay of this category for you, we will do so. We also offer dissertation abstracts to our clients too.

  • The main objects to talk about are the delicious dishes, their pricing and how reasonable it is and how easy it is to get there from your home.
  • You should talk about the environment and how quiet and nice it is, how attractively it is decorated, playground for kids around it and its open space.
  • Talk about the privacy embedded therein, the behaviors of the staff and their service, special treats to regular customers, food varieties, and discounts.


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