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What my favorite holiday essay entails

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Now, when I write my favorite holiday essay , people should not expect me to write about the visit to the Bermuda triangle which I have only thought and dreamt about. This essay must be a practical thing you have experienced, and which you enjoy so much above all other holidays. Your favorite holiday may be the Christmas period, and in this case, you have to enumerate why you enjoy it so much. It may be because of the type of union and togetherness you enjoy with family and friends as everybody is holidaying at the same time. Is it hinged on the sumptuous meals that the huge extended family shares together? Is it because of the Christian religious celebrations of the period or the Santa Claus activities that always gets the love of the kids? Just explain about this. My favorite holiday may be the thanksgiving period and I may be enjoying it because I love to stay with my family and cook for them. Now, it should not always be a pleasant and beautiful place. It may be a place that is laden with lots of memories. My favorite holiday place may be the village or family farmhouse where I was brought up, and I love it because of the love that is shared by the locals over there. Your favorite holiday may be the New Year’s Day and you may be in love with it because you get to see your grandparents and cousins as well. It may be the Jewish holidays, and you may be in love with this because of the history of the Jews and what they stand for. You may fall in love with a holiday because it is the time you get to spend time with your better half. It may also be your favorite because it is the period when you have the sun everywhere and smiles on the faces of everybody. There is nothing dogmatic about this. Just explains your best holiday experience and why you prefer to have it over and over again.

My favorite holiday essay structure

Now, when you are writing my favorite holiday essay , you must realize that it is not enough to mention the holiday; you have to explain why it is your favorite and possibly compare it to others. The essay must start with an introduction. However, you should start writing this by listing all the favorite things about the holiday in a sheet of paper. The introduction should focus on the things you do on the holiday with your family or loved ones. If you are writing on a holiday like Christmas, you may start by explaining the meaning of Christmas, its origin and other things about it. The first paragraphs should center on the traditions that are observed during the holidays, the best holiday you have had amongst all and what made it the best. When you get to the second paragraph, you should now center on the things you love most about the holiday and why you love them. This should be the main points to be listed in the second paragraph. You may also include the reasons why those were picked as the things you love most. Why they interest you more than the other activities. From here, you move to the third paragraph where you make a general list of other ideas about this holiday. After this, conclude by reiterating that this holiday is your best and this is why it is your best.

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  • Everybody has a favorite holiday and they should write about their favorite holiday and not that of others.
  • Favorite holidays are not the huge ones with the highest number of activities; they are the ones that make you happier and more relaxed.


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