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It’s time to write my best friend essay

We guess that everybody agrees that having a friend is very important for any person. Persons, who boast such a valuable personal quality as integrity, have always been considered to be promising candidates for friendship with anybody. It’s clear that if your closer friend features this moral value, you know for sure that you can fully count on him or her when it comes to doing anything. If your friend with integrity gives you a firm word, you never doubt that you can trust this person.

Friends definitely enrich our lives. Thanks to them we can learn a lot about ourselves. Indeed, their feelings, thoughts, ideas and knowledge assist us in understanding other ways of viewing the world.

If you have a true friend, you can take advantage of these prompts. They’ll help you to truly understand the whole complicated and powerful nature of friendship:

  • Stay away from friendships, dragging you down and making your unworthy and envious. Such relationships may even provoke serious health disorders, both mental and physical.
  • You require cultivating positive friendships and valuing those ones you already have.
  • Don’t spend time with those people who have rather a negative view of life. This person can stuff you with negative energy and even negatively influence your fate. Many people already know the more positive your thoughts, the more positive changes in your life will be.

Writing my best friend essay free

Well, we’ve just had a quick glance at how you should handle your friendships. Now it’s time to move to the newly-obtained writing assignment - my best friend essay. The tips mentioned here below will also suit writing works about kids, so you can also try your hand at my best friend essay for children.

Writing essay my best friend gives you an opportunity to critically assess your friendship and perhaps set new priorities in this relationship.

Think about your pal as well as his or her integrity. Take a look at concrete examples, demonstrating his or her integrity. For instance, once the friend of yours helped a sick old person.

Create a list of points you’re going to illustrate in my best friends essay. You require numbering them in terms of importance and sticking to this outline. This preparation will give much better results than just chaotic and spontaneous writing.

Starting with a strong thesis statement is a crucial concern of yours, if you’re really concerned with the quality and readability of my best friend essay.

The rest of your introductory paragraph needs to be used for sketching the points about your pal you intend to expand in the body of my best friend essay.

In the first paragraph after your introduction, give a couple of lines about your pal, tell how long you’ve known this person. Then, move to depicting his or her integrity, using examples.

Keep in mind my best friend essay requires an easy-to-understand language. Keep out from jargon and don’t make any attempts to impress your audience with big words, while small ones will absolutely suffice.

It makes sense to leave the essay about your pal for several hours and focus on other things. After a while, edit your writing stuff for errors and misspelled words.

Read the newly-written essay about your pal aloud, to yourself, certainly. Make sure it sounds quite sincere and it isn’t too gushy. Maybe you’ll require correcting something.

Now let’s view extra worthy tips, which could be useful for the essay about your friend. Answer the following questions in your essay:

  • It would be better if you try writing about your pal as if he or she is a stranger.
  • Tell us what makes a good pal. We’d like to know what personal qualities your best friend should possess.
  • We wonder what’s the most crucial personal quality in your friend – generosity, loyalty or honesty. Give solid reasons to explain your choice.
  • Mention in your essay if there’s anything disturbing in your friend’s behavior.
  • Imagine that you’ve just had a fight with your closer friend. Perhaps, this sounds extremely weird and awful, but any way, try to picture this situation. What would you feel in this case? What about your pal’s feeling in this situation?
  • What would you do to help your friend stuck in an embarrassing situation?
  • Would be difficult for you to tell your friend the truth? Tell us what circumstances you need to be frankly with your friend.
  • Well, let’s assume a friend of yours has come to your place being absolutely upset and depressed. What’s your reaction in this case?
  • Provide a detailed list of qualities of your current friend. What about your former friends? Did they have the same qualities?.
  • You haven’t seen your friend for a long time. Can it influence your relationship with this person and how?
  • Try to figure out why people break up with their friends. What are the most common reasons?
  • What’s the number one value of friendship?
  • How are long-lasting friendships developed?
  • Write about a friend, whose background greatly differs from yours.
  • Think about what personal qualities a person should have to make friends with a great number of people.

All these prompts about friendship mentioned here above will help to create a high quality essay on this topic.

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