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How to start writing Martin Luther King essay

There are a lot of contests devoted to the personality of human rights defender, known as Martin Luther King. However, sometimes students have to write essays about this outstanding person for their studies at school or college, too. The point is that every student has to know at least the basic facts about the man, who devoted all his life to other people and wanted more than everything to make this world a better place to live in. In fact, if all people knew what it took other people to bring something useful and kind to the society of cruelty, racism and violence, they would behave themselves in other way. Therefore, everybody should be aware of a historic person, who is considered to be one of the most significant, extraordinary and influential people in the history of America and all world.

Of course, you should start with doing a research. Going online is absolutely acceptable, as long as you can find there amounts of useful information, interesting facts and stories. You may start with Wikipedia, as long as it is a good source of data that you need to get acquainted with before proceeding to more grounded search.

Once you got familiar with the basic bibliography about the civil right leader, you can look deeper in his life story. For example, you may go to one of the web-sites that contain Martin Luther King essays written by other authors. Reading good essays is useful for several reasons. First of all, it will give you the overall pattern of how a well-written essay needs to look like, including but not limited to the structure of the paper, its main components, thesis statement, body of the paper, the summary part and so on. Second of all, it will provide you will additional information, which may appear to be quite useful, like fascinating facts that are not widely known, details on a story which took place in Martin Luther's life, etc. Finally, you will certainly get inspired by a good essay. By the way, a good place to look for a remarkable essay about Martin Luther King is a web-site, where essays that participated in contests and essay competitions are provided. There, you will most likely find worthy papers that will give you a great example to follow.

Picking a good topic

This step of your working on a paper is going to be the most important. The point is, you need to choose not only a good relative topic, you need to be interested personally in what you will write about and on top of everything, you need to arise a significant issue concerning the hero of your essay. Look at the following topics and consider some of them.

  • You may write an inspiring Martin Luther King speech essay. His famous speech, where he told about the dream he had, made an incomparable impression on millions of people and is quoted till nowadays.
  • The hero of all times: Martin Luther King. Here, you may represent King as a person who you consider to be a hero, who devoted his life to other people.
  • Write about Martin Luther King as a great speaker who gave the world thousands of wonderful and outstanding quotes.
  • Do a research on political activity of Martin Luther King and write about that aspect of his life, where he recommended himself as a political icon of twentieth century.
  • Create an essay describing what role played the death of Martin Luther King in the society of that times. In what way people were effected by this tragic event.
  • Do a research on the childhood of the civil right leader and find out the connections between the way he spent his childhood and his further activity. Was there something that inspired Martin Luther King to become human right defender?
  • Write about the art of rhetoric that Martin Luther King used in his speeches. What methods did he use to make an impression?
  • Write about the ethic of love, researched by the right defender. You can use one of his speeches as a basis and analyze it.
  • Finally, you may write a Martin Luther King civil rights movement essay and describe what it took him to become such a significant leader, who made life of African-American People much better.

These are some possible ideas that you may implement in your essay. Remember that your essay should not be a piece of biography writing. But instead, provide an analyze of one of the aspects of Martin Luther's life and give your readers a chance to realize the significance of his personality. Don't include too many numbers, dates and names of institutions, but try to write about something that others don't know. At the end of the day, you will notice how interesting it will be to learn about a man, who changed the world. Indeed, the role of Martin Luther King in the world, especially in the United States of America, is hard to overestimate. He was unstoppable on the road to his dream and his goal. In spite of numerous troubles and discrepancies, barriers and enemies, he managed to change the course of history. It was he who gave millions of young African-American people courage to aspire after better life for them and their children. Today, americans are very grateful to the person who has done so much for their country. He taught people to love and forgive, to help each other and not to give up under any circumstances.

Among all possible writing assignments, Martin Luther King essay is one of the most interesting. Therefore, if to take it seriously, you will enjoy completing it. In other case, please consider our help.

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