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Mark Twain was one of those persons whom we call «all-round men». We can hardly enumerate all of his professions. He was a comic lecturer, humorist, pilot, but humanity remember him as a short story writer and a novelist. Born west of Mississippi River in 1835 under the original name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Mark Twain became one of the most prominent children of Mississippi River and a true icon of American literature.

We call him a classic American writer, who gained his fame thanks to the use of satire. His books definitely stood out from European literature of that time. It was a vivid, original, very authentic setting of western US states. Mark Twain didn’t try to invent anything sophisticated and advanced. He wrote the way ordinary Americans of that time thought and spoke. Apart from satire, he made the most of single-minded use of words. So, all of this works were simple and plain enough, while retaining intelligent.

Mark Twain wrote what came into his mind without fear. A typical example of his outstanding creation is Huckleberry Finn. When the writer gave birth to any of his personages, he used an extremely realistic language, thus making us hear and even feel the sounds, smell perceived by the character. No one at that time could do this, so we should stress it in our mark twain essay .

In his book, Mark Twain vividly pictured representatives of various social classes, both wealthy and poor. All of them had their own unique dialect. The writer did almost impossible things with dialects in his stories and novels, thus making an impressive effect of reality. Are you impressed by the author’s magic ability to use various dialects in his writing? Illustrate your impression in this essay on mark twain .

When reading one of his most prominent creations, we actually don’t doubt that Huckleberry Finn is portrayed directly from Huck’s point of view. Indeed, the story’s written as if the main character tells it by himself. So, we hear a poor boy’s speech stuffed with mistakes. In reality that single-minded dialect was fully composed by Mark Twain, but subconsciously don’t want to think about it, we just believe Huck’s telling us his story on his own, with all his grammar errors and other glitches typical to an ignorant person, we simply want to believe this. Mark Twain’s single-minded approach perfectly conveyed human sensations, including sound, touch and sight. In this regard, he had no rivals in American literature of that time. That’s often mentioned in essays marked by teachers .

Another impressive technique utilized by the prominent writer was his vernacular writing style. The very essence of the style is to write the way human beings speak and think. The vernacular approach enabled him to portray the surrounding world in the full sense of its authentic meaning. Exactly vernacular style embodies American literature as no one else on the Earth dared to picture the world in this way. That was a vivid language of the early American settlers.

When utilizing his vernacular language, Mark Twain didn’t care about spelling and context, because the heroes didn’t care too. That’s a purely American style. European writers never used this style, as people in Europe never spoke that way.

The vernacular powered early American writing. It really gave face to it, making it stand out from writing of other parts of the world. The vernacular is a great way to get familiar with the rural and awfully ignorant portion of America of that time. Many essays by mark twain provide examples of that uneducated speech. We hope your essay on mark twain will be stuffed with these examples.

This writing technique gives us an excellent opportunity to see the world with the eyes of poor people. Apart from this expressive vernacular style, Mark Twain was known for his sharp satire. As we know, the major purpose of satire is to belittle human weaknesses. A typical example of Twain’s satire was demonstrated in «The American Claimant». That was about Lord Berkeley, a democratic English noble. He came to the USA in order to give up his inherited aristocratic privileges for the sake of republican equality. Nevertheless, American society of that time was fully obsessed with grasping what he intended to cast off. In this case, the acute example of Twain’s satire is directed to Americans who wanted to get back to old-school English traditions. At that time Americans were assured the government would better be given more power and the idea of «land of freedom» wasn’t popular. However, Lord Berkeley wasn’t prepared for this.

Twain’s satire definitely enriched American literature. Readers got an opportunity to observe themselves in a new light they might have never imagined before reading it. Exactly thanks to the vernacular, satire and single-minded words Mark Twain became the classic American icon.

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