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The anatomy of leadership: a leadership qualities essay

Leadership is what makes people obey and also envy and hate. This quality is the cornerstone of many life forms on the Earth. Both animals and human beings have their leaders. They simply can’t do without them. However, in this leadership qualities essay we’re talking exactly about human leaders.

Obviously, leadership depends on such personal qualities as experience in a certain field, skills intelligence, responsibility, social interaction, not to mention the power of organizing people. it’s useless to try one’s hand at directing other people without this vital quality.

Our leadership qualities essay offers the following definition of leadership. It’s the process, where a leader guides, directs and influences the work of other people in attaining certain goals.

Some people are assured that only physically strong people can become powerful leaders, but that’s just a common prejudice. The truth is that a leader doesn’t necessarily needs to be physically strong, just mental strength will suffice. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t physically strong, but he had a firm desire to serve his nation. In our leadership qualities essay , we should stress that any person capable of satisfying the major psychological needs of his followers can be defined as an effective leader.

A person can’t acquire this quality from another person, but it’s quite possible to develop leadership via self-determination.

Leaderships is especially important for the police, army and politicians. It’s because the future as well as security of the country lies exactly in their hands. Respectively, they should properly use their power and leadership qualities, of course. Don’t forget to mention this nuance in your leadership qualities essay .

We can’t imagine a good leader without such vital qualities as alertness and intelligence. A true leader needs to make use of his brain all the time, while staying alert with ears and eyes open. Otherwise, he’ll make his subordinates or even the entire country vulnerable to a sudden attack or hostile influence.

Other must-have personal qualities of a real leader include an action-oriented approach, positive attitude and impartiality. It’s up to a leader to be fully impartial towards all his followers. It’s because the very moment he becomes partial, he’s no longer a leader as at this particular moment he loses the precious confidence of others. A leader requires encouraging and raising high standards of all his followers and not only a few of them. That’s one of the most essential leadership rules. Don’t overlook it in your leadership qualities essay .

Being action-oriented is crucial for leadership too. It’s clear that it’s impossible for a single leader to do everything by himself. On the other hand, he should be able to encourage other people through his words to do this particular constructive work.

In our leadership qualities essay we should enumerate other no less essential leadership qualities:

  • Lead by example: If a person isn’t willing to dig in and get his and dirty how on earth he can expect other people to do the same. If you are unable to lead by your example, you’ll inevitably lose your hard earned credibility and leadership, in the end. That’s what you’ll never deny in your leadership qualities essay .
  • Proficiency in a certain area of expertise: It doesn’t matter what field you’re working in: dentistry, technology or aircraft maintenance. If you’re unable to maintain your proficiency in the selected field, you don’t have the right to want others to acknowledge you as their leader. That’s another key detail that should find itself in your leadership qualities essay .
  • Be a good follower: A really good leader is also a good follower. Indeed, if you aren’t able to follow the lead of other people, you can hardly lead your subordinates. Undoubtedly, a capability of taking directions from others can help you to develop your leadership qualities. Meanwhile, you’ll show others that you can not only give orders, but also follow them. Are you surprised to hear this? But this really works and it’s up to you to mention this fact in your leadership qualities essay .
  • Have integrity: It’s up to you to gain respect of other people and instill trust. Integrity suggests being sincere, honest and able to admit you are wrong. That should be stressed in your essay about quality .
  • Treat other people with respect: It doesn’t matter how much your respect your subordinates, if you don’t treat these folks with respect, you can’t count on their respect. It’s often difficult for technically skilled people to comply with it, but anyway they should try. What have you done today to become a good leader? Tell in your good leadership qualities essay .
  • Communication skills: Any essay about leadership qualities points out that a good leader should be able to efficiently communicate at different levels of understanding. Without this quality you can hardly build up a solid team.
  • Train your replacement: To conclude our e ssay leadership qualities , we should emphasize that without proper replacement your leadership will be useless. So, you require teaching somebody from your team about what you know and what you can. After all, you can’t rule forever and after this your company or undertaking should keep going towards the goal. Look around, someone capable might require your mentorship right now.

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