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Major Concerns to Discuss in Jane Eyre Essays

Many students are asked by their professors to write about Jane Eyre in their academic papers. Basically, this book is often called a Gothic novel for different reasons, such as supernatural occurrences included. If you also need to write a great Jane Eyre essay thesis , choosing an interesting topic is the first step that should be taken. Pay attention to different characterizations, plot, styles, settings, and tones before getting started. It’s advisable to take into account the Victorian society and social concerns while making significant statements on women and other subjects. Some students struggle to come up with interesting and original Jane Eyre essay topics because they have not enough creativity, logical thinking, and so on. If you have the same problem, you can get our professional help, so don’t hesitate to academic writers with quality and affordable offers.

There are many major concerns that can be discussed in academic papers, including social classes, gender roles, injustice, patriarchy, religion, education, supernatural, and others. The main heroine of this famous novel written by Charlotte Bronte relies on her story-telling and language when communicating her personal emotions and thoughts. Keep in mind that the author uses her character to formulate a critical view of the social class at that time. Such characters as the Reeds and Blanche Ingram are described in a negative light to endorse the social hierarchy, and this is how Bronte illustrates that good people are not always rewarded in their lives. Besides, she addresses such important themes as patriarchy, injustice, gender roles, and powerlessness. If these concerns seem too complicated for you to handle on your own, focus on professional essay writing services, such as a grant proposal .

Interesting and Original Essay Questions

When writing your essay about this novel, there are certain questions that should be answered to use them as your guidance and impress readers.

  • Explain the important role of paranormal experiences played in this novel. How do they affect your personal understanding of all characters? What do they learn from their visions and dreams? How do these supernatural elements interact with the realism of this story? Feel free to answer at least few of them in your short essays about Jane Eyre.
  • What do you think about the representations of different women in this book? When answering this question, share your opinion about Miss Temple, Mary Rivers, Bertha Mason, and others. What does Jane learn about the right feminine behavior from them? What are positive and negative role models? Don’t forget to support your point of view with the necessary evidence taken from the text and reliable sources of information.
  • Pay attention to the religious ideas of Jane? What does she learn about religion from Helen Burns and other characters? Do their views contrast with hers? What are problems in their values? These Jane Eyre essay questions are perfect for developing a catchy and fresh thesis statement.
  • Concentrate on the scenes that show the ambiguity of her social class? What are her opinions of both upper and lower classes? What do you think about the social system in England at that time? Does the author support or critique it?
  • The narrator of this novel is an older Jane who is remembering her early years. Try to find a few places in the text where her older voice intrudes on the narrative. What is its effect? Does it decrease or increase your sympathy to the main character?
  • Jane also gives her personal descriptions of her drawings and paintings. Why are they so important? What can they tell you about her imagination and inner-self? You can use different tools, including a case study interview , when writing your essay.
  • What about the contrast between the images of fire and ice in this novel? What moral qualities are associated with them both? How does the author use them to reveal personalities? What characters are associated with ice and fire? Is Jane balanced between them?
  • Focus on the importance of major places where Jane lives during her journey (Thornfield, Ferndean, and others). What do their names tell readers? What lessons are learned by Jane at each one? She provides a detailed description of them all. What do they reveal about their characters? If these questions are hard to answer, think about our best resume writing service
  • Compare St. John and Rochester. Why Jane choose the latter one? What are their strong and weak sides?
  • Take into consideration foreigners in this novel (Bertha, Celine, and others). How are they represented? What is the main source of Jane’s inheritance?

Great Topics for Your Essay

  • Focus on the settings in this book. What is its significance to the plot? What is the main connection between psychological and physical images? Remember that writing this type of academic paper is different from a standard business plan , so that you shouldn’t limit your imagination and creative skills.
  • Discuss the important role of genders. What is their importance in Jane’s choices? How does she resist or conform to her role in the society?
  • Take into account the role played by social classes, as it can be used as a great topic. How do they function in this novel? How does Jane’s situation shift over time? What are the major factors that make up this position?
  • Discuss this book as a popular Gothic novel. What about the supernatural role? Do you agree that psychological terror really drives the plot?
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