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IELTS Essay Topics about the Government

When it comes to IELTS tasks and sections, students need to write a brief essay to test their skills, talents, and knowledge. As a student, you need to know how to structure this custom paper (4-5 basic and clear paragraphs) and pick an interesting subject to discuss. If this task seems hard, don’t forget about our professional help and guidance available for any student. Find out more about a few broad categories of IELTS writing essay topics because this knowledge will help you choose the best one. If you think you don’t have the skills necessary to succeed and get high grades, practice more. This means you should write at least one essay from each category.

    • How do you think what the government must do for your country to become more successful?
    • Do you agree that the foreign aid helps donor countries more compared to recipients?
    • Should more money be spent on the space exploration?
    • Do rich and developed countries pay more for their environmental harm? Should they forgive debts for the poor ones?
    • Do wealthy nations have to share their prosperity with the poor ones by providing them with such things as free education and food? You should give a detailed and solid answer in your analytical essay.


  • Do developed countries need to concentrate more on enhancing their industrial skills? Should they promote people’s education first?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of providing international aid incentives to poor countries.
  • Nowadays, more well-paid and high-profile jobs are given to men. You should use this idea as a fresh IELTS essay topic and decide whether the government should encourage their percentage to be reserved for female workers.
  • Does the government need to intervene in people’s rights in terms of their family planning?
  • Safety standards and requirements are important to build new houses. Who is responsible for developing safer and more reliable building codes?
  • Do criminals have to be punished with long jail terms? Is it better to rehabilitate and re-educate them through different community service programs? These are other examples of great IELTS essay topics.
  • Should all young drivers complete their proper education before getting a license? Is it the most effective way to reduce the number of road accidents?

Modern Society IELTS Essay Topics

  • It’s true that modern doctors can be very rich. Do you agree that they shouldn’t focus on lucrative activities, including plastic surgery? Perhaps, it’s better to concentrate on the health of their patients, regardless of how much money they can pay.
  • What factors can contribute to good movies? When it comes to your writing an informative essay , answer this question and you can be sure to come up with a unique paper.
  • Do you think that animal testing is so necessary for people? Can people keep using animals in scientific studies and research?
  • Does traveling help promote a better communication and understanding between different countries?
  • Do you agree that celebrities are treated by the media unfairly? Maybe, they should be provided with more privacy, or it’s just a price of their popularity.
  • Most business owners prohibit their employees to smoke in the office nowadays, and smoking is banned in public places. Discuss these IELTS academic essay topics and give your unbiased opinion.
  • Some people refuse from eating meat products to maintain their well-being and promote overall health. Do you think that a vegetarian diet is healthy?
  • Think about discussing both pros and cons of keeping wild animals in zoos? Is it really necessary? Why?
  • Is a migration from poor countries to the developed ones a political and social issue now?
  • What is the most effective way to reduce the number of car accidents? When developing your case study template , make sure you gather enough evidence to support your thesis statement.
  • It’s up to news editors to decide what to print in newspapers and broadcast on TV programs. How do you think what factors influence their decisions? Do they need to make news more unbiased?
  • The media has a great impact on shaping people’s thoughts and ideas. Do you agree with that?
  • Modern tourism is very popular, and that’s why it’s a major source of profits for many countries. Are there any problems in this industry? What about disadvantages?

Essay Writings Topics on Modern Technology

  • Do you agree that modern technology makes people’s life more convenient?
  • Can it replace books and other sources of information? For example, the Internet is becoming more and more popular, so you need to consider its impact on the standard written word. Can it bring people from different countries closer together?
  • People are very dependent on different computing devices, and they are often used in hospitals, businesses, and for other purposes. What is their possible future? Is this kind of dependence a good thing? Make sure you give solid examples, such as book reviews , when discussing this topic.
  • How does information technology change existing working practices?
  • It’s obvious that modern technology makes people’s communication much simpler, but this means that they need to spend more time in front of their computers. What risks and dangers do they have to face?
  • The mass media, such as radio stations, TV channels, newspapers, and others, have an incredible influence on people’s opinions. Do you think it should be limited anyhow? Do you agree or disagree with that? Be sure to provide solid and clear reasons for the answer you’re giving in your academic paper.
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