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Coming up with ideas for a persuasive essay

When the purpose of the essay is to convince the audience in the rightness of the author, to make the reader change his mind concerning this or another issue, it is called a persuasive essay. As a matter of fact, this kind of essay can be based on anything that the author has a point of view about. As long as the topic of the persuasive essay may be quite different and you can write about everything that you want, it usually becomes a problem for students to pick the most relevant and good topic. Here, we gathered the best ideas for a persuasive essay , which you may find helpful when considering what to write about.

Before you consider ideas for writing a persuasive essay , you need to make sure that you know the difference between this kind of essay and an argumentative one. The point is, if you are asked to write an argumentative essay, you will need to do a research on the defined topic, find evidences, examples and facts supporting your point of view and provide each your ideas, especially the main one, with a strong argumentation. Eventually, if you need to deal with a persuasive essay, all the mentioned above things are not of a great importance and it makes the number of ideas for a persuasive essay much bigger. In fact, your position may stand on nothing, have no evidence, facts or examples from real life. All that really matters for making success of your paper is to manage to convince your audience on the basis of your personal attitude to something or opinion about something. To cut a long story short, a persuasive essay manipulates the feelings of the audience. You need to provoke such feelings of your audience, that will make them believe you and take your position or whatever you want them to do.

Taking into consideration the provided above information, it becomes clear that you need to look for a topic, about which you have a formed, clear opinion. Your paper is going to work with the help of emotional aspect and it is the advantage, of course, because you have enough of freedom fro writing. At the same time, convincing a reader about something that you are not sure about on your own, is not how it has to be done. Please look at the following good ideas for a persuasive essay and choose the one, that you are definitely very familiar with.

Researching the ideas for a persuasive essay

Since you know the requirements of a persuasive essay, you can proceed to choosing the topic. Keep in mind that the following ideas may serve as an already formulated topic for your paper and as a source for inspiration at the same time.

  • The governmental sector has to involve more representatives of young generation, who can suggest new solutions and take a fresh look at the existing problems.
  • Possession of too much money and power makes a person cruel and indifferent to others.
  • Drinking alcohol is not harmful if to take it within reasonable limits.
  • Religion is one of the methods to control people's minds.
  • Animal cruelty needs to be stopped.
  • Gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children.
  • High schools and colleges give students too many assignments, which is overwhelming, restricts their freedom and takes all their free time away.
  • Abortion is a personal business of a woman and it doesn't have to concern any other person and be restricted by law.
  • People have to start living together, share apartment's duties and money only after they get married.
  • Nationality and race is the indicator of a place where a person has to live.
  • Social networking is harmful for people all over the word, especially for the young generation.
  • The Earth is not the only planet in the Universe with living beings, the evidence of which are aliens seen by many people.
  • Fast food is harmful for a human's health. The producers of fast food should announce the ingredients of their dishes.
  • Feminism is the disease of the contemporary society, which infringes upon the nature of a human being, moral and ethical values accepted by people thousands of years ago.
  • With the invention of new technologies and devices people consider traditional books to be a shibboleth.
  • Mass media influences society significantly and tells people what to believe, what to do, how to look and what decisions to make.
  • Women should be more involved into the governmental sector.
  • Education on all levels should be free for everyone.
  • Sexual education in schools is unacceptable, because it doesn't let children grow up in a natural way.
  • Contemporary literature is nothing but mockery in regard to the art of writing. Contemporary writers are too obsessed with money and write what publicity wants in order to attract more readers and, as a result, more money.
  • People who smoke are more open-minded and communicative that those who don't.
  • Death penalty is not a solution under any circumstances.
  • Teachers and professors should be allowed to have guns.
  • Corruption will never disappear because it is the matter of human mindset.
  • Terrorism has nothing to do with religion of any kind.
  • Freelance jobs are one of the best inventions of twenty-first century.

As you can see, the number of good ideas for persuasive essays has no limits. The list of topics is long, which doesn't make the choice any easier. On the other hand, you are absolutely free to cover issues that you are interested in personally. You can find good ideas for persuasive essay everywhere or come up with one on your own.

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