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Prior to writing your book report or book essay

Writing a book report is a popular assignment nowadays in both primary and high school. Unlike a personal statement, which is assigned mostly by different universities and colleges to more mature students, a book report does not require much self-reflection or focusing on your own thoughts, qualities or achievements. Instead, a book report is a type of written assignment, or a kind of essay, that focuses on a specific book that you were assigned to read in your world literature or American literature class.

So what kind of preparation is required before writing a book report? I would say a case study format

is very similar to a book report essay in this matter. Your first question will be if you actually need to read the whole book before writing this type of essay? I’d say it is a very desirable thing to do since it may give you a more in-depth understanding of the book, and thus you will write the report with more ease and will therefore, invest less time in the matter, particularly if you are not much fond of writing. However, if you don’t have any time and are way behind with your other assignments, you may need to read sample essays on the Internet. For example, to write a good I know why the caged bird sings essay , you simply need to Google sample essays with this title and read what other schoolchildren have written and generously shared on the web. This will significantly decrease the time you spend writing an essay since you will just need to paraphrase. But sometimes it is a tough endeavor because essays on some books are very hard to find. In that case, all you need to do is order an essay online – it’s easy, cheap, and it will save your priceless time on many things you’d rather do.


The structure of the book report

So you have read the book or sample essays on your assigned topic, and you are ready to write. Where do you start? Any kind of essay will consist of paragraphs. It doesn’t take many paragraphs, remember that quality is better than quantity, so pay attention to content over form. You may compose your essay out of 3-4 paragraphs, not more, depending on the word limit set by your teacher or professor. If the word limit is next to 250 words, you may plan on writing 4 paragraphs. Very basic essay patterns always have the same structure, for example, why I deserve a scholarship essay would include also 4 paragraphs with more or less 300 words.

The book report, just as thesis proposal or other academic essay patterns, consists of introductory part, main part and a concluding paragraph. For example, a caged bird essay could consist of the following structural units:

  • an introductory paragraph, which does not actually say anything about the book itself or about the author, but contains a catching sentence, which is aimed at grasping the reader’s attention and inviting them to read further. Make this sentence about what you think the key idea of the book is, e.g. “Love is a bird, and in many people it resides in a cage until it is freed. But what can you do to free it? This idea lies through the plot of an extraordinary story I know why the caged bird sings essay ”
  • the main part paragraphs should not contain the summary of the plot, a book report does not ask you to show how much of the book you’ve actually read, but to contemplate on the meaning of the piece in the context of modern literature and philosophy, and of course of life in general. Be sure to write about the significance of the main characters, their feelings and overall conclusions they made, and about the development of the plot. You could also include a few words about the historical context of the book and how it reflects and represents the mentality of the époque.
  • the concluding paragraph must be one entirely about yourself. You may want to extend your I know why the caged bird sings essay, but the concluding paragraph is not the one you should do it in. Here, you can write about your opinion on the book, the conclusions you’ve drawn while reading and the significance of this book in your life if there is any. Remember, if you did not like the book you are free to say so. Anyway, the conclusion is the part where you express your opinion. You may conclude any book essay like this, including other books essays like I am the messenger essay, for instance.

Something to think about. If you were assigned a book report or a case study essay, these are essays which should be based on factual information from a book or an actual business or medical case, depending on your major or college subject. Motivational essay, like why I love America essay, for instance, may consist entirely of your own opinions and values, and may contain explicit thoughts generate by you, without referrals.

If writing a persuasive essay or a book report really seem difficult to you, you may find a way to order these essays online and never be bothered to write them. No matter which way you choose, it is important to keep in mind your grades and priorities, so if you have a priority assignment which is a book report, you may want to pay a small cost for an order, but be certain that the work will be done in time.

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