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The human rights essay: new challenges and time-worn contradictions

Human rights can be described as a codex of moral standards and principles that characterize distinct models of human behavior. The principal difference between the terms “moral norms” and “human rights” lies in the fact that human rights are legally protected in international law. Thus, we cannot relegate every moral standard as a part of international human rights, but each statement of international human rights can be declared as the moral standard. All doubters can get convinced in the truthfulness of this statement by reading practically any universal declaration of human rights essay. A superficial observer may consider that nowadays the global problem of regulation and standardization of the human freedoms is practically settled. During the last decades,humanity overcame the problems of slavery, the systematic oppression of children and women and the Nazi ideology with a relative success. A great and variegated plurality of human rights essay topics demonstrates that this opinion is far from the truth. Firstly, we cannot affirm that all these problems are successfully solved. Moreover, a few of them have already reached a new level of international tension. Secondly, it is obvious that new times pose a substantial amount of new challenges to humanity. A large variety of contemporary factors of a new technological era induces an equivalent amount of problems, which have a proximate connection with the international regulation and modernization of the human freedoms. At the site of the collision between new trends and old traditions arrives a new approach to the issue of the human freedoms. Furthermore, a genuine desire to establish all new standards of the modern human freedoms in the countries or regions that are not ready for these radical changes can bring birth to the new centers of international, interracial, gender or religious conflicts.


Therefore, a permanent compliance of the human rights fundamentals can be defined as a double-edged sword, which is equally dangerous for both victims and preservationists. A long series of terrorist attacks and recently renewed military conflicts confirm that this issue does not lose relevance. It is no use to consider the problem of terrorism on these pages because it requires much more attention and study than that which can be presented on the pages of an ordinary essay about human rights. However, it is extremely significant to designate that this challenge cannot be neglected by the international society, which gladly nourishes illusions about its own safety and prosperity. The main objective of this human right essay is to entitle some new factors that beget latter-day challenges in the sphere of the human freedoms or serve as an instrument for a conflict resolution.


General trends in the elaboration of human rights under the new conditions of the global infosphere


We live in a time, which is influenced by a modern technology more than ever. The new methods of communication can serve both as instruments against the oppression of the human freedoms and as methods of repression and disinformation. Practically any kind of assignment, which is founded on writing a reflective essay, demonstrates the last point in all its equivocal glory. Thus, we can determinate the principal factors that influence the issue of the human freedoms in a modern technological, multicultural society, namely:



    • a convergence of the public and the media. Nowadays, there exists no large distance between experts and users. For example, every reputable paper writing service has a powerful users’ feedback. Currently, a society has at its disposal a puissant tool to influence government officials’ decisions. Thus, each member of the Internet community can bring to the court of public opinion every single case, which shows signs of deformation of the general human freedoms.


    • a considerable possibility to manipulate the public opinion. Unfortunately, crowds never use a dissertation methodology, which means that the public opinion can be easily changed in favor of the large corporation or the government. This situation opens a wide scope for populists and manipulators of all stripes. Therefore, an attentive researcher should always remember that all social movements and actions could be used not only for the establishment of the public freedoms but also for the suppression of the primary human rights. With an eye to eschew all potential manipulations, a modern society needs to develop various societal and political institutes that will stand guard over its interests.


    • a cultural mitigation of aggression. The current Internet society can be described as an intercultural, interethnic, interreligious and interracial community. Of course, different cultures and nations profess various priorities that can contradict to each other. As a major number of case study examples bear witness, the contemporary political and sociological situation at the junction of different cultures is very unstable. Thereby, the primal objective of the protection authorities is to reveal and isolate all encircling forces that exasperate enmity between nations, races and/or cultures and clean the infosphere from these islands of suppression of the human freedoms.


    • a disappearance of age, geographical, racial or gender differentiation in the infosphere. Presently, each member of the infosphere can take part in the discussion of every large social, political or scientific project, such as the grant proposal regarding a possible flight to Mars or a deliberations of the aspects of a present tax policy, avoiding the cultural or national segregation. Generally, it is a favorable sign of a modern social evolution, because it claims that all future global decisions will be conducted under the meticulous control of public.


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