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How to write essay conclusion for a paper in an argumentative genre

When everything is ready in your essay and you only need to write a conclusion, it's not the time to relax, though. The conclusion part is the last thing your potential audience will read. If you want your reader to remember your essay and to think of it as of a piece of genius writing, you need to prepare yourself for a little work. When students ask how to write essay conclusion, we cannot give a universal answer, because it depends on the topic of the paper, its main idea, genre and many other factors. However, there are some characteristics that are common to all conclusions, which you are going to learn below. Remember that you need to save your originality and avoid repeating after other authors. At the same time, following a good-written example is always beneficial. Keep reading if you want to learn how to write conclusion in essay.

A simple and helpful at the same time technique when you are about to write a conclusion is asking yourself a question: so what? This question is useful when trying to draw a general pattern of your ideas. Just think on your own what was all your essay about, what did you want to say with the help of your essay? What is, at the end of the day, the moral that you put on the top of significance in your paper? What, to your mind, can people learn from your paper? These are all quite simple questions and they will guide you through the first stage of the conclusion generating process.

When you are going to ask yourself how to write essay conclusion, consider making the list of your ideas first. In fact, you may use the list that you created when you were brainstorming your ideas before paper writing. The point is, you need to take a look at your key ideas once again, so you could refresh everything in your memory. Think of the meaning of your key idea and determine exactly what you wanted to say with the help of that or another words.

What did you introduce in the first paragraph? What is your thesis statement about? Take a look at the first couple of sentences in your opening paragraph, because they are going to be in the beginning of your conclusion paragraph. However, don't forget to rewrite your statement in order to avoid repetition. The methodology explaining how to write conclusion of essay teaches students that they don't need to make a copy of their thesis statement in the conclusion part of their research paper. Instead, they need to make a mirror imaging of the statement. For example, if you started with the idea of the importance of human rights in the century of terrorism and information warfares, you can return to this statement, although you don't need to repeat it word after word.

Try to connect your argument to another context. In order to do this, look at your essay in general, without going into details and think thoroughly, whether you can use your argumentation for an overall pattern context. Additionally, when you think how to write essay conclusion, choose a proper option to start your last paragraph with. Consider different phrases, as long as they meet the style of your paper in general.

How to write conclusion essay with a good transition

You cannot make a summary without letting your reader know that this is the end of your essay. Even if it is clear enough that you are about to make a conclusion, provide the audience with a small phrase informing that you are ending the paper. You may start the first sentence of your last paragraph with such words as:

  • In conclusion, I would like to say that;
  • Overall, it might be said that;
  • All things considered, it could be stated that;
  • On the whole, it is evident that;
  • Taking all the above-mentioned information into account, there can be made a conclusion that;
  • Finally, it might be concluded that;
  • Taking into consideration the aforestated information;
  • By any large, the provided above arguments lead to a conclusion that;

These are some of possible methods how to write essay conclusion and how to start the final section of your paper. Such words and phrases prepare the reader to make links between all the arguments provided in the body of your essay and to accept your final point. Then, you need to give a brief summary of your most significant ideas by means of overviewing your statements. Pay attention to the first sentences of each paragraph of the body of the paper and restate them in a different manner with keeping the main idea. Remember that you should avoid writing the statements the same way as you wrote them in the body. Also, try to make your conclusion narrow, short and as clear as possible. Don't make this part more then seven sentences, because your reader will be just bored. Instead, try to make the first and the last parts of your essay of the same length. Learning how to write essay conclusion is not very difficult, if you realize how important it is and take it seriously. You should write quite authoritatively in order to make the reader respect your point of view.

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