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How to write a critical lens essay

Writing a critical lens essay maybe quite interesting, because its overall meaning is pointing at somebody else's mistakes. However, it can't be done good without deep awareness of what you are going to critique and the strategy of the critique process. Generally speaking, a critical lens essay has to provide a grounded analysis of some kind of writing, which may be a scientific article, newspaper article, book, dissertation, review and even a painting. The purpose of this kind of essay is to suggest a different piece of defined text or its certain aspect to show how it can be done better. Or it may provide an analyze demonstrating, that the text is written well and has no disadvantages.

For instance, a critical lens essay, which analyzes an article, can concentrate on the tone of the article and define how it effects the written text and its meaning as a whole. On the other hand, a critical lens essay analyzing a movie may concentrate on the symbolism of the signs shown in the movie and demonstrate how the symbolism effects the mood of the movie. In any case, this kind of paper needs to contain a strong argumentation, provided in the thesis in regard to certain piece of writing and the evidence supporting the viewpoint of the essay. Below, you will get to know more precisely how to write a critical lens essay.

Before you start writing, try to learn everything about the given assignment. Read the instructions of how to write a critical lens essay that may be provided together with the assignment and pay attention to every detail. If you feel like something is not clear enough, ask your teacher to explain, because this is what your mark depends on.

What to start with

Read the source that you need to write about. Once you have read it, read it again. You have to notice every detail, because at the end, it may appear to be very important. It is essential not only to get familiar with the source, but to know it deeply.

Remember taking notes while you read the source. What you paid attention to at first, you may forget until your reading is done. In order not to miss any significant details, jot down considerable moments during the reading. At the same time, ask yourself certain questions when reading, which are the following:

  • What is the point of the assigned text? What is actually about?
  • What is the key point? What did the author want to say?
  • What is confusing in the text? Is there a mystery or everything is clear and understandable?
  • What is the goal of the writing?
  • Is the goal of the writing accomplished? Regardless of your answer to this question, provide explanation and argumentation.

Considering additional sources

If you have instructions about how