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Your number one problem: how to write a autobiography essay

A great number of people are confused by the word «autobiography». In simple terms, a biography stands for a story of somebody’s life, while the term «auto» denotes «about oneself». As follows from the word, only one person can create an autobiography – the person, whose life path is being told.

There’s no doubt, writing a life story has never been an easy task for anybody. In most cases, the author has a solid reason to do this. Some people lived mundane, ordinary lives, others made fatal mistakes, faced traumas or even achieved greatness. Any of these reasons can be a powerful stimulus to write an autobiography essay.

Of course, you’re also eager to learn how to write a autobiography essay. In fact, there aren’t any set patterns for this. You story can take literally any form.

A good piece of advice on how to write a autobiography essay

Perhaps, the most accepted and widespread form of an autobiography essay is chronological. You might have already guessed that it suggests writing your life story in the strict order in which it all happened. A typical autobiography essay starts with a date and place of birth, parents, family and other common things. Now let’s cycle through typical recommendations on how to write a autobiography essay.

First of all, in your autobiography essay, you require considering your whole life. Inform your dear readers how you’ve lived it. Recall the most important times, achievements, mishaps and adventures.

Make a detailed list of all the incidents , events you’d like to mention in this essay. The same is true for people who also deserve a decent portion of place in your autobiography.

Perhaps, it makes sense to have a series of meetings with your pals and relatives, who could remind you of prominent events of your past, you might have already forgotten.

Secondly, it makes sense to collect as much information as possible about your past, including letters, pictures, personal belongings, to say nothing of audio-visual content. This will make your autobiography essay more detailed and substantial.

Compose a sort of draft using your notes and all that stuff mentioned above.

Well, you’ve just almost learned the basics of how to write a autobiography essay. But, that’s not all, of course. Here below a bunch of worthy tips are waiting for you:

    • The given type of paper work greatly depends on the author’s motivation. So, you require deciding whether you’re going to entertain your family, leave a fascinating story for your ancestors or just try your hand at literature.
    • Be extremely cautious when writing the first draft of your autobiography essay. It’s clear that it’s a great challenge to stiff the whole life into one page, so be careful with your thoughts.
    • People, places and time – all of this generates strong emotions and can distort your overall attitude to the main theme. Perhaps, it makes sense to take a break, relive stress and then get back to your writing with a clear mind.


  • Any autobiography suggests mentioning friends as well as family members, as no one in the contemporary world lives in complete isolation. So, you need to ask permission of your relatives and pals to be mentioned in your writing work.
  • Get ready that someone may by insulted or hurt by anything written in your autobiography essay. Respectively, it’s up to you lessen this negative impact. In fact, you can actually do it in two ways. First, inform the person of what you’re writing and why you have to mention him or her. Secondly, you can employ a more tactful and diplomatic language in your essay.

Now, let’s see what you shouldn’t do in your autobiography essay:

  • Avoid stuffing your essay with insubstantial details. Make your life story original, genuine and interesting to readers.
  • Never include embarrassing or personal details about other people. Your pals and relatives have the right to know whether they’ve been mentioned or not. Get ready to provide solid reasons of this move of yours.
  • The overly formal language isn’t welcome in an autobiography essay. Besides this, you should stay away from hackneyed phrases and clichés.
  • Avoid leaving out significant details and gaps in your narration.
  • Don’t neglect such technical aspects of your autobiography essay as punctuation, spelling, grammar, word choice and syntax. All of this can affect the overall meaning, so don’t spoil your readers’ impression.

We’ve just told above what you should never do in your essay, now let’s see what is welcome here:

  • Thoroughly research the periods of your childhood and youth. Some intriguing events probably require checking and clarification. Perhaps, it makes sense to interview your teammates, classmates and neighbors to make sure you’re writing no lies.
  • Don’t try to use someone’s style only because you find it impressive, persuasive or something else. Instead, work out a style fitting your personality.
  • Back up your creation. God only knows, maybe it’s going to be considered a masterpiece in the nearer future.
  • Connect well-known events with significant stages of your life.

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