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Considering the types of hooks for essays

When you write your essay, you most likely want it to be paid much of attention, ecstatic glances, as well as make a memorable impression. However, it is not that simple to grab audience's attention from the very beginning of the paper. It requires specific methods, which are called in the world of writers as hooks. Why a hook? Just because it works just the same way as the hook on a fishing line. Imagine like you are fishing for your potential readers. Your goal is to capture and keep reader's attention in a moment and for a long. By hooks for essays , you can mean anything that helps achieve your goal, beginning from a sarcastic joke and finishing with a fascinating fact or shocking news. What method to pick method is up to you. Here, you will find out the types of hooks and how to use them to make your essay remarkable.

As a matter of fact, a hook for essay is what you use in the introductory section of your essay, which is meant to grab the attention of your potential reader. If the hook works, the reader will want to continue further reading of your paper. If it doesn't, you will lose your reader's attention and he or she will not continue reading you paper. Therefore, take it seriously. Usually attention grabbers appear in the opening sentences of the paper. When looking at the below mentioned types of hooks, keep in mind that you may use as many hooks as you wish, since your paper benefits from it. The most widespread hooks for essays are the following:

  • The shocking sentence (statement). It attracts the reader to take part in the discussion by providing him with a surprising fact that he did not see coming. This method can have two kinds of impact on the reader: surprise him or provoke.
  • The scene hook. It makes the reader's imagination work. In other words, by using this kind of hook, you let the reader draw the picture of what you are going to tell in your paper. For instance, you may begin with noticing that your fellow was a popular rock singer or describing an event that happened to you or somebody who you know.
  • The literary quotation hook. This hook for an essay is usually used in papers that are written in academic style. For example, you may give a quotation from a famous novel related to the topic of your essay or from a speech of an outstanding politician, writer, scientist, etc.
  • The humorous hooks. Even if you use this kind of a hook, it doesn't necessarily mean that you paper is going to be in the genre of comedy. It may be quite the opposite, the point is, you grab your audience's attention by means of telling a cute joke, sarcastic anecdote or a piece of comedic poem.
  • The rhetorical question hook. By means of using this kind of a hook, you provoke the reader to think about the question that you asked and look for the right answer in your essay while reading it further. Keep in mind that you should better ask a question that cannot be answered with only one word.. This is going to be more opened and provoking question.
  • The famous people sayings hooks. If you like the way some well-known person told his or her opinion in regard to a certain issue that has to do with the theme of your paper, you can easily use it as a quotation and provide it in the beginning of the text.

How to use hooks for essays

Great hooks for essays are helpful only in case if you use them appropriately. Therefore, you need to use the method of brainstorming before you pick and write your hook. First of all, create an outline of what you are going to say in your essay before you write any kind of hook. What is the purpose of your essay? What is its main idea? What are you going to convince the reader in? The truth is, the chosen hook needs to be related to the overall meaning and purpose of your paper.

Pay attention to the thesis of your paper. This is a specific part of essay where you let the reader know what your paper is about. Additionally, this is the part where your main idea is completely expressed.

Once you have read the introduction and the thesis statement, you can proceed to thinking of hooks for essays. Attention grabber comes in the very beginning of your essay, so it has to lead into the following parts. For instance, if you begin with a hook about a funny hamster but your paper is going to be about the Civil War, it is probably not the best way to snag audience's attention. Of course, readers will pay attention to it, but they may become confused or even annoyed by such an inappropriate statement.

There are successful writers, who use hooks for essays only after their paper is already written. This is quite a helpful approach. When your paper is ready, you can tell precisely what its main idea is, which means that you can choose a hook that fits.

If you cannot pick you method from a number of possible hooks for essays , you may use a hook maker for essays. Taking into consideration the topic, main idea, the type of audience and a lot of other factors, it will help you select a perfect hook that your essay will certainly benefit from.

As you can see, the usage of hooks for essays requires efforts to be made. Fortunately, we created our service in order to help students from all corners of the world deal with their school and college assignments. We'll do our job in a highly professional manner for your best result. So if you feel like you cannot make your essay good enough on your own, please consider our assistance, which is always available for you.

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