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A <b>history of medicine essay</b>: methodological recommendations and useful practical tips

History of medicine is a highly complicated and luxuriantly ramified scientific discipline, which has a great number of interconnections with different fields of study, such as classical medicine, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, veterinary, morphology and, obviously, history. Evidently, a complexity and diversity of history of sports injuries thesis topics are also in no way inferior to the same characteristics of the global history of medicine. Therefore, a person who has an endeavor to write a decent essay about sports injuries, their classification and therapy from the historical point of view, has to make all necessary preparations and master his or her analytic and writing skills. Firstly, it has to be noticed that writing a descriptive essay about some topic of the history of sports injuries is an extremely sophisticated and labor-consuming assignment. In order to avoid all glaring mistakes and historical errors, one ought to have a solid experience both in the sphere of history and in the sphere of medical sciences, such as orthopedics, restorative therapy and traumatic brain surgery. Additionally, one has to know exactly how to work with different historical sources and materials. A great number of significant details and curious facts about sports injuries can be found in the most unexpected literary sources, such as an exemplum of an ancient chronicle that describes pugilism or an ordinary history of English essay, which may contain interesting and useful data regarding the incidents happened during the game of cricket. Thus, we can summarize all above information about the most significant demands to the writer who is working in this sphere of science: the ability to work with various historical and scientific literary sources, the solid practical or theoretical experience in some field of medical science and the developed set of writing and analytical skills.

Naturally, all these demands can transform into a series of considerable obstacles on a beginner’s way. With an eye to eschew this unpleasant situation and prepare oneself for this task, one can use educational and analytic techniques of a case study method, which is created in order to supply non-professional writers with practicable and effective tips and advice. Therefore, in accordance with this method of study one should design a personal research plan that contains a brief list of all indispensable research operations together with practical recommendations as regards to all points. Firstly, it is very rational to check your writing skills and update your knowledge base about all general principles and important nuances of writing an essay. If you do not know how to write a worthy thesis proposal or how to classify literary sources, you just cannot count on a success in this field of study. Thereby, study all available manuals and guides about basic principles of writing a research essay in order to lay the foundation of your future work. Secondly, it is absolutely necessary to close gaps in your medical education. Of course, you cannot become an expert in this over a complicated field of study in a few days. Nevertheless, an expert's assistance will help you eschew gross blunders in your paper, so the consultation with specialists and editors is an inevitable stage in your work. Ask about the assistance before the actual work in order to create a research plan and discover the best literary sources and manuals that can be useful during your research. When your work is nearing completion, you have to check all doubtful points of your essay again. Thereby, your research paper will be free from all significant errors. If you have doubts about some statements and/or conclusions of your essay, or if you do not know some terms, such as what is thesis or what is CTE, then specialized writing services will supply you with all necessary information.

A brief classification of sports injuries that are characteristic for the most popular sports disciplines

Each kind of sport can boast of a great number of different sports injuries and chronic diseases. Therefore, in order to optimize your efforts it is wise to study various types of the injuries that are characteristic for the chosen type of sport. Of course, an attentive researcher has to study not only modern classification of the sports injuries and contemporary methods of treatment but also all approachable information about the chosen discipline since its origin to the present time. Let us observe the most popular kinds of sports together with their most characteristic injuries that can be described in your history of medicine essay:

    • soccer. If you are writing a history of soccer essay from a medical point of view, you should notice that the most frequent injuries in this kind of sport are anterior cruciate ligament injury (47%) and medial collateral ligament injury (28%). It is also a very interesting and, simultaneously, confusing fact that an amount of injuries that occur during official matches is larger than the equivalent number of injuries that happen during the training.
    • volleyball. A history of volleyball essay should contain all significant information about injuries of the upper extremities that are characteristic for this kind of sport. According to the International Association of Health up to half of all injuries in volleyball falls on the ankle. Additionally, it is wise to mention Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD), which can be rightfully called a scourge of young volleyball players.


  • basketball. Basketball is also a very dangerous kind of sport. The main types of injuries that are characteristic for it are very similar to the equivalent injuries in volleyball. Therefore, you can use similar writing techniques and literary sources in your history of basketball essay. It is also wise to mention that the most frequent type of injury in basketball is Achilles tendon stretch. According to the official data, 37% of all professional basketball players have suffered this type of injury during their professional career.
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