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What to start with if you are writing a high school essay

Writing assignments are quite common in high schools. They help students develop a wide range of skills. Also, they are useful in teaching students how to express their thoughts appropriately, how to convince audience in their rightness and how to organize paper into sections and paragraphs. Writing has never been easy to anyone, it requires spending much time and efforts, as well as doing a deep research on the topic you are going to write about. Anyway, you will find here easy tips and guidelines that will help you create a good high school essay.

You need to pick the topic first. If you are free to choose any topic you want, than you can consider everything to be an idea for your paper. However, the best way to write a remarkable essay is to write about something that you are really interested in. If there is already a topic assigned and you don't have to make a choice on your own, than you can proceed to doing the research on it. Therefore, let us find out how you should do your research and what you need to know.

  • You can start your research online or go straight to the library, or even use literature that you have at your home. Also, you can use newspapers, magazines and even watch special TV shows if they meet your requests in regard to the topic. In any case, when doing your research, remember also about the following:
  • Make sure the resources you are going to use are acceptable to the requirements of your professor and instructions given in the assignment. Find out whether you are allowed to use certain web-sites, like Wikipedia. Additionally, ask your teacher whether there should be a defined number of information sources.
  • Take notes every time you read something. They will help you later organize your paper and remember all the important details that will be useful in further writing. Also, jot down the sources that you use so you could remember them and mention in your paper's reference list.
  • Pay attention to ideas and facts that may disprove your own idea. A well-written essay can include some contrast facts, which will even make it more interesting to the reader.

What you should also do before starting to write your paper, is analyze the works of other authors that seem to be fascinating, good-written and created in a professional manner. It will certainly help you realize what to include to your essay in order to make it better and what to ignore not to make your paper boring. If you find some work interesting, try to ask yourself the following questions: what are the claims in the work? Is the essay structured appropriately? What are the evidences and do they sound convincing? In what manner are the facts presented? And the last couple of questions that you need to ask yourself is: do you find the essay interesting? Whether your answer is yes or not, explain it to yourself.

Brainstorming is important

High school essays can never be written in an hour. It takes time not only to write it, but first of all to understand what you are going to write. For this reason, you need to brainstorm all your actual and potential ideas, until you find the best among them. In order to do this, you need to do the following: write a list of all ideas that you have now.

Try using the technique of mind mapping. It is helpful in many situations, especially when you need to find a solution or a fresh idea. When thinking of your ideas, you don't need to hurry up at all. Take your time because it is important to concentrate on issues that you find interesting. In addition, you need to be ready for different ideas to come to your mind when you don't expect them.

When your topic is selected and the sources of information are gathered, you can proceed directly to writing your essay. However, remember that all your work depends on the high school essay format. There are many formats defining the structure, technique and methodology. Each format has specific requirements and instructions. As a rule, students are told by the teacher or professor in which format they need to write their paper.

You should start with a thesis statement, which will enlighten your key idea of your high school essay. The thesis will help your potential reader understand what the paper is going to be about. Also, make a good plan of your essay in order not to get lost in your own writing. When you proceed to the body paragraphs, remember using all the notes the you took when reading the sources. Provide each paragraph with a separate statement in the first statement. The body of the paper usually consists of five paragraphs, although it depends on the needed number of pages. Whether you write high school persuasive essay or any other kind of paper, like high school memories essay, you always need to build a strong thesis, body that supports your thesis and a good conclusion. The styles of papers are different, but the main purpose is always the same: you need to make it interesting and remarkable. In the conclusion, you may write a summary of all your ideas and provide readers with the clear connection between your arguments. Also, you need to restate your thesis. When writing your last sentence, you may provoke audience to further discussion of your topic. Remember proofreading your essay and make sure there are no mistakes.

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