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Analyzing and writing Harrison Bergeron theme essay

Harrison Bergeron is a well-know piece of literature written in the genre of fiction by an outstanding author Kurt Vonnegut. This is an essential part of studying at high school literature curses, as long as this short story represents the classics of the twentieth century in the United States. Together with reading the short story itself, students are often asked to analyze it and write an essay presenting their analysis. The story is a genius satire critiquing the way of life that society involves people in, as well as the claims concerning the necessity of being all similar, which is also enforced by society. Here, you will find tips and guidelines that will help you in coping with your essay on Harrison Bergeron .

Harrison Bergeron short story, as well as all the other fiction stories, is a kind of narrative, that puts together events that are made up by the author. The perception of fiction literature is always subjective, because every reader has its own opinion, believes, attitudes in the light of which he reflects on the story. In order to write a good paper on literature, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Read the short story attentively and take notes, when reading. Jot down impressive moments, strong quotations and ideas coming to your mind in the process. Try not to miss any important thought and phrase.
  • Define the main and key events in the short story. Here, we mean the plot of Harrison Bergeron. You need to answer the following questions: is the plot built in a chronological order or not? When is the culmination of the short story? Who plays the main role in the story?
  • Define the place, time period that the plot of the story takes place in and think in what way it affects the characters and the short story itself.
  • Identify the main idea (moral) of the story. What does Kurt Vonnegut want to say in this piece of literature? What is his main point? What did you learn from reading the story?
  • Work on the characters of the short story. You need to identify them and make a list of them, if appropriate. Define the positive and negative characters, their role, the importance of their roles, the way in which they change throughout the plot of the story.
  • What are the themes of the short story? Keep in mind that they may be parallel and take place in the plot simultaneously.
  • What do you personally feel when reading the story? Here, you need to identify, whether Kurt Vonnegut managed to evoke your emotionality. If he did, think about the way, in which he did it.
  • What are the symbols of the story? Is there any object in the short story that represents a hidden meaning? What are such objects and what exactly they represent?
  • What is the atmosphere, style of the short story and the manner, in which it is written? Like any song, a short story can be sad or happy, romantic and so on.
  • Find out the methods of figurative language. What are they? It may be comparing, metaphors, hyperboles, personification and so on.

Making an outline

After you have read the short story and selected a topic among the list of Harrison Bergeron essay topics , you need to put everything that you wrote during reading together and make an outline. In case you already have Harrison Bergeron essay questions , that were provided in requirements to your assignment, you need to include them into your outline.

The first part of your essay is going to be the introduction. Here, you will let the readers know what your paper is about, what your key point is, what you want to prove and the reader will decide, whether he wants to continue reading. Your introduction should be no more than one paragraph with five or seven sentences. After your introduction part is ready, you should proceed to write the body of your essay. If you take all steps that are provided above, you will not face any difficulties with writing the body of your essay, because by this time, you will know every idea that you want to include, arguments to prove your idea (the quotations that you wrote down, examples from the plot of the story), your own attitude to the story and opinion about it. Remember, however, that the body of your essay needs to consist of several paragraphs (as a rule, there are three paragraphs in the body, although you may include two, four or even five, depending in the number of main ideas that you want to provide). The opening sentence of every paragraph should be a little introduction to it. You need to put the idea in the first sentence and support it with further several sentences. The argumentation should be in the middle of every paragraph and take three or five sentences. In the end of every paragraph, you need to provide a little conclusion that proves that the arguments you provided support your idea, given in the first sentence.

Pay attention to the conclusions of your essay. Although the main content is in the body of the paper, conclusions are also a very important part, because it is the last information your reader is going to remember. You need to show by means of conclusions the relevance of your essay and demonstrate how all the arguments prove the rightness of your main idea.

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