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The <b>Great Gatsby</b> essay: The primary sources that may be considered as exemplary for the writer

Certainly, the trajectory of literary criticism in our century is more or less unpredictable, and Gatsby scholarship is no exception. And while critics are far, far away from making any definitive statements, the whole industry is nonetheless alive and maintains its well-being on the background of opened and endless scholarly debates. Of course, as a greenhorn critic you might well not know what is a research proposal and where to find a proper coursework definition . Although, theorists of literary criticism often point out the main unwritten rule of the theory of human knowledge: however many information you have, you tend to overestimate the amount of equal information available to other people. That means that even experts often purposely understate their ability to analyze the information that they have in possession. Thus, one could argue the very fact of an existence of high theory and that all critical approaches from the 1980s up to the 2000s have already exhausted the possibility to provide a decent Gatsby criticism in this day and age. Surely, one can enumerate all existed The Great Gatsby essay topics almost ad infinitum, describing the discourses and naming exhaustively interests above and beyond the historicity of the text: from notions and opinions regarding national identity, sexual orientation, race and gender of the main characters to the imagery discussed far and wide and offered in music, movies and popular entertainment. But is it as exhaustive as it initially seems?

It has to be said that scholars have been continuing to expand and deepen the examination of The Great Gatsby from the date of its birth up to this very day, and they still can see the whole Universe of connections between the novel and its own age, as well as they are still revealing new exciting elements of the theory of historical consciousness of F.S. Fitzgerald. However, the results of all these searches are clearly visible right now, and if you are as yet pondering over some basic questions, such as how to make a thesis or where can I find the needful sources, you should undoubtedly pay a visit to the university library with an eye to find out the huge pile of literature related to Fitzgerald’s creative work. In the second part of the article, we try to briefly overlook the main and important streams of criticism of the Fitzgeraldian canon. And you could as well find some decent The Great Gatsby essay ideas there.

Mastering a precise critical approach to The Great Gatsby essays

“F. Scott Fitzgerald Review” represents one of the most conspicuous sources of the Gatsby-related innovative work that have ever existed. It is being issued in the form of annual journal founded in 2002. This journal belongs to a great family of published literature that allows scholars to explore specific texts and develop specific approaches without any constraints that often exist in journals of more general interest. Let us bring you up to date by giving examples of several works you could start your critical analysis with:


    • for instance, there was a discourse in 2006 over the Raymond Vince’s literary work dedicated to the specifics of the relationship between the Gatsby novel and the Einstein’s “new physics”. This kind of work, as well as Ronald Berman who was trying to consider the connections between Freudian psychology and the writing of Fitzgerald, can be thought as a great start for <a href="/persuasive-essay/"> writing a persuasive essay


    • again, Scott Donaldson who is an author of famous and scandalous “Possessions in The Great Gatsby”, has developed the whole set of critical approaches, according to which all scenes and characters of the book can be examined in an economic perspective, or rather, in the non-distorted perspective of Marx’s understanding of “commodity fetishism”. Thus, Donaldson argues that practically all characters’ intentions in the novel are subject to the absorption in the acquisition of commodities and as the plot goes the minds of all the heroes become overtaken by the fixation on the materialistic side of things. Well, it is hardly arguable that such point of view can turn practically any The Great Gatsby essay , thesis or written assignment in a sheer challenge.


    • Kirk Curnutt, a prominent and witty scholar, provides a spacious exploration of the performance of sexuality, love and romance, establishing a unique pyramid of facts gleaned from the entertaining conceptions and popular culture of the book. The scholar’s attempts to demonstrate in the shocking context the moral looseness and revolutionary aspects of eros and eroticism of the Fitzgerald’s novel were met by the readers as quite surprising. Nevertheless, the Curnutt’s masterpiece has now become an admitted classic for everyone who is interested in <a href="/definition-essay/"> writing a definition essay .


  • “The Literary Soundtrack” is an amazing work written by T. Austin Graham, whose leading idea was to investigate every nook and cranny of the Fitzgerald’s fictional world for the purpose of a musical content. After reading the Graham’s essay, the readers most likely ask themselves a question: how come that such great context can be hidden behind the ditties of the day. And the soundtrack selection of Fitzgerald, as Austin Graham argues, is never simple, but rather deepens the demonstration of each character, revealing their most fleeting, ephemeral nature and depicting the Fitzgerald’s fictional society as something that persistently relies on the use of forgettable pop music.
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