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Understanding the concept of the Great Depression essays

The Great Depression is one of the most difficult periods in the life of the United States, which was characterized by significant decrease in economy throughout the country. However, it cannot be described only by economic activity decline, as long as the causes and consequences of this harmful phenomenon were so strong, that they had to do with all the areas of people's activity, each aspect of their life and the life of the country. This is a very complex issue to do research on, the understanding of which requires considerable efforts to be made and time to be spend. Fortunately, our team provided you with all necessary tips and guidelines in order to make this assignment easier for you to complete. Moreover, we will help with writing it if you are in a hurry and need to get your essay written as soon as possible.

Your paper needs to be written in a serious, coherent manner. You are expected to demonstrate not only your writing skills, but first of all analyzing skills. Additionally, you need to show your comprehension of the Great Depression period, its causes, effects, provide strong arguments and deal with documentation. Also, you need to use your critical skills in order to evaluate the decisions made by leading politicians of that time, decide what kind of mistakes were made that they led to such a disaster, impressive with its length, strength and harmful effects.

Before you proceed to writing your essay on Great Depression , you need to learn the background to it. At first sight, the United States were experiencing an economic boom due to the production of cars and industrial output. However, it was followed by a significant growth of the unemployment level, which made millions of people appear to be out of jobs, the recession of the agricultural sector and many other unfavorable issues provoking economic crises. Some of historians consider the period of Great Depression to be the worst and the biggest disaster that ever happened to America through its history.

Keep in mind that the emphasis of your paper is going to be put on the historical, political or economic aspect, which depends on the course you are assigned to write this paper for. Great Depression papers may be different due to the style, format and its purpose, appropriately. Therefore, we suggest discussing these issues with your professor in order to make sure that you understand the requirements and instructions to your assignment. Once you made it clear, consider the list of possible topics that you can write your essay about.

Considering Great Depression essay topics

The listed below topics you may use as a source of ideas for making up your own topic. At the same time, it is absolutely acceptable to choose one of the mentioned topics and write about it, as long as they all enlighten different aspects of the Great Depression in the United States.

  • Write about the Great Depression in the light of the New Deal, which was an attempt of American President to fight against the economy disaster.
  • Write about the components of the Great Depression. This is where you can devote your essay to discussing the crisis from different points of view and its different aspects.
  • Create an essay providing explanation of the causes of the Great Depression. Do a research and find out what were the major reasons of the crisis appearance.
  • Find out in what way the Great Depression influenced the world of art in the United States. For example, the movie or fashion industry.
  • Write a comparative essay analyzing different approaches to fighting against the Great Depression of different presidents, who were dealing with it.
  • Do a research on the end of the Great Depression. How did American economy manage to survive under such awful circumstances?
  • Write an informative essay about the foreign policy of the United States during the period of the Great Depression.
  • Do a research on the role of women in America within the crisis. Do you know any women that contributed to the fight against the Great Depression? What stories about them can you tell?
  • Write about Wall Street and its activity in the context of the Great Depression.
  • Write a narrative essay telling a story of a certain person who lived at that time. For example, you can write a part-biographical essay about the life of your grandmother during the Great Depression.
  • Write about the key points concerning the Great Depression. You can enlighten different aspects, such as religious, political or economic, as well.

Apart from the listed topics, we recommend considering Great Depression essay questions to cover in your paper. In this case, your essay will answer important questions from your point of view. These questions may be the following: What was the success of the New Deal made by Roosevelt? What are the differences in effects of the First New Deal and the next one? How did the Great Depression influence the overall politics of the United States? What was the European view on the Great Depression? In what way did the Great Depression affected beliefs and moral values of the Americans?

As you can see, your paper on the Great Depression may caver a wide range of topics and questions. They all require deep research and comprehension. If you feel like you need assistance with this assignment, we are always ready to provide you with it. Apart from it, we are competent in a number of other issues:


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