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The graduate admissions essay sample

The primal aim of the graduate admission essay is to represent the author from the best possible angle and corroborate his or her personal qualities and/or professional qualification along with aspiration to continue education in the specific educational center, eschewing all presumable inexactitudes and intentional distortions of personal data. In other words, you have to demonstrate every significant fact from you biography and convince your potential audience that your candidacy overtops all other variants in an appropriate style, avoiding irritating ostentation and unpleasant concealment of important facts. Undoubtedly, this assignment is more sophisticated than writing an expository essay or composing an ordinary self-introduction document. Therefore, with an eye to perfect your essay and carefully examine all common mistakes let us study the graduate admission essay sample , which contain a great amount of standard errors and the confusion in the author’s self-presentation.

Every day since high school, I untiringly worked in my school chemistry laboratory. I was the best student in the class and no one could catch up with me. My teacher – Professor Wolfgang Van Nashornkäfer has distinguished me from all other students from the very first day, therefore he worked with me individually. I successfully studied different branches of chemistry, biochemistry, and scientific methodology. I know perfectly how to write an excellent scientific paper, thus you cannot find a person who will become a better candidate to employ. I also never had any difficulties in studying political economy, history of arts, literature and mathematics. I have conducted numerous chemical experiments and mastered nicely case study research methods, thus you will find that I have a comprehensive knowledge base in all disciplines that are connected with this scientific method. I am a very persistent, vigorous, disciplined and smart person. I was the formal leader of my class during three years, so I have large experience in the sphere of intercommunication. I am also an excellent sportsman. I not only believe that my personal qualities will undoubtedly satisfy all your demands, but I am surely convinced that your university will supply me with the best opportunity to continue my further education and unlock my already rich potential.

The critical analysis of the previously mentioned sample

Without any doubt, an attentive reader will find the sample, which was submitted for consideration, quite unsatisfactory. This paper generously shows a great number of mistakes and errors; therefore, it will be a very demonstrative sample for all beginners. In order to fix all mistakes and inaccuracies, let us scrupulously examine this essay and reveal all gaps and misconceptions in this document. Here is a succinct list of the main mistakes that reduce the quality of the essay:


    • the deficiency of the specific individual information. All perfectly written graduate admission essay samples supply readers with complete and objective information about the examined problem. However, this paper contains no specific information about the author. Furthermore, the author does not demonstrate any confirmatory documents that can corroborate his achievements in different fields of study. This is an extremely serious mistake, which ruins all author’s expectations to win the audience’s trust.


    • the subjectivity in the author’s judgments. Obviously, all types of self-introduction papers, such as a self-introductory paper sample , graduate admission essay example or a peer review article have to be written in an appropriate style. In contradistinction to these standards, the previously mentioned sample is full of the unwelcome boasting and quite irritating bravado. The author deliberately abuses the attention of the audience and distorts all facts about his achievements.


    • the lack of the elaborated self-criticism. The only way to compose a satisfactory essay is to follow the standards of the lab report format , therefore the perfectly written essay has to contain various facts that present the author’s personality from different angles. Nevertheless, the author of this essay disregards all significant demands of the contemporary format of writing; therefore, his work includes dozens examples of the indefatigable self-applause, but not a single example of the justified self-criticism.


    • the poor style and format of the essay. Unfortunately, the author’s style is very scarce and aggressively tasteless. All sentences have the same structure, all arguments are randomly scattered through the text and all conclusions are illogical. The text is written in the manner that cannot satisfy even the most benevolent readers. In addition, the author eventually demonstrates a tediously scanty lexicon. In contradistinction to an ordinary laboratory report sample , graduate admissions essay sample has to be written in a free manner. Unfortunately, the author uses only different clichés and trite phrases, which transform his essay into an extremely wearisome report.
    • the poor argumentation system. The process of composing a satisfying essay or writing a persuasive essay is a highly significant assignment, thus it has to be written in strict accordance with the modern requirements. Therefore, the author should verify all his statements with an equivalent number of facts. Nevertheless, this article contains only the theoretical assumptions, which is absolutely unacceptable.


Therefore, this essay includes practically all common mistakes and may be used as the golden standard of a poorly done work. Of course, it does not contain all types of errors, so it is strongly recommended to examine the best exemplars of essays accomplished in the format of a custom paper with an eye to perfect your writing skills and better your style.

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