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Good Topics for Persuasive Essays to Get Started

For students, if you are assigned to write a persuasive essay, make sure you use enough logic and thinking to prove the targeted audience that your main idea is more legitimate than others. When crafting your apa essay , persuading readers to adopt your point of view or take a certain action is your basic goal. All arguments you make should be backed up with solid evidence and reasoning, and this means you need to provide enough facts, examples, quotes, and so on. Basically, everything starts with considering good topics for persuasive essays . You can choose from many subjects to discuss in your academic paper, and if you don’t know where to find them, our team of experienced authors because they will provide you with simple and effective how to write a philosophy paper guidelines and rules at quite reasonable rates.

  • Do you agree that social media sites, such as Facebook, create isolation? They help users stay connected and make new friends, but some people spend a lot of time on them instead of real life s.
  • Is it necessary to permit guns in college campuses? Many students think that they should be able to protect themselves in public places. However, allowing them may only increase crime rates, and it can be a good topic for persuasive essay.
  • Can children benefit when all team members receive their trophies? This is what makes them feel a part of their team and that they efforts really matter, but some people think that handing out trophies this way can only make kids feel entitled.
  • Is the modern society too dependent on the latest technology? It creates many amazing opportunities, but some people may feel that they can’t function without their mobile phones. Devote your literary essay to discussing this interesting subject.
  • Should all students at high schools complete parenting classes? Many adults agree that such matters as family planning, parenting, and sexuality must be taught at home, but you may think that they can’t educate their children about that well enough. Do schools need to provide this kind of training? There are many good topics for persuasive essays about this subject.
  • Do you think that the standard school day starts too early? Some parents claim that teens require more sleep to function and study properly.
  • Is the minimum wage enough for people? Should it be increased? Nowadays, many businessmen agree that raising it will only cause more hardship and force them to increase their prices. You should look for good topic sentences for persuasive essays on this matter.
  • Should kids in elementary schools study handwriting? It’s interesting that more and more parents are starting to believe that their children should better learn keyboarding.
  • Do you agree that childhood vaccinations must be mandatory? If so, look for good topics for persuasive essays to prove your opinion.
  • Is the use of security cameras an invasion of people’s privacy? They are in place to protect them, but you may not like the idea of constantly being under surveillance, so make a solid thesis statement and argument about that.
  • Do citizens have their right to keep exotic animals at home? Take into consideration all suitable thesis topics to persuade readers to take your side.
  • Is it really ethical to sentence juvenile criminals as adults? There are many experts who don’t think that it’s right to do that because children’s brain is not developed fully.
  • Is it necessary to allow a more relaxed dress code at work? Some people think that it will lead to reducing productivity. What is your opinion? Provide enough proofs, such as case study definition , to support your point of view.
  • Do you think that corporations should be allowed to be advertised in schools? Or should children be bombarded with this type of corporate persuasion?
  • Do all city residents have their right for free public transportation? There are many good topics for persuasive essays relevant to this question, but it’s only up to you to pick the right one. Do you believe that the local government can’t afford this option? You can get professional essay writing help if you have certain difficulties with this assignment.
  • Is professional sport too dangerous for players? Do you believe that they know the risks, so they should be allowed to keep doing that?
  • Should teenagers be allowed to get tattoos without their parental permission? Why? Keep in mind that tattoos are permanent when researching this topic to take the right side and write a good essay.

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Good Topics for Persuasive Essays

When writing your persuasive essay and picking the best topic, focus on the following dos to ensure its high quality:

  • It’s much easier to write about something that you are really interested in.
  • Pick a subject that other people care about too.
  • Choose something that you’re willing to evaluate from multiple points of view, as this is how you will prove that you’re well-educated and knowledgeable.
  • Look for good controversial topics for persuasive essays that you can research effectively to provide readers with enough evidence to support your opinion.

What about important don’ts?

  • Never choose a subject you don’t care about because it becomes hard to persuade others.
  • Skip the topics that you’re too passionate about because they are too emotional to discuss and argue.
  • Don’t try to discuss good topics for persuasive essay writing if you can’t research them effectively because you’ll only lose your time.
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