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It’s time to explore goals essay example s

Are you ready to post your MBA goals? We really hope they’re properly aligned with your pre-MBA experience.

In this goals essay example we’ll see how to write your MBA career goals essay. Do you know that different schools ask their candidates different questions to be answered in professional goals essay examples ? For example, HBS wants to know why MBA is your objective. Wharton is interested in your professional goals, while Stanford needs to know your future plans, not to mention a sincere explanation why you’ve decided to stick to Stanford.

Do you see evident similarities in these three goal essay examples ? Yes, in all these professional essay examples a candidate is bound to write about his or her professional goals.

Besides this, the vast majority of schools want you to answer the following questions:

  • Have you successfully undergone the process of self-reflection?
  • Do you intend to make use of MBA as a sort of springboard in order to overcome unemployment?
  • Do you consider your objectives quite achievable and realistic?
  • Do you consider your profile to be attractive to Recruiters?
  • Can you articulate your objectives coherently?
  • Will your unique experience increase the overall value of the class?

Now let’s see how different candidates’ responses can be. To be exact, we are going to view three versions of a business setup response in the ophthalmic lens industry:

  • A weak response: «My objective is to greatly influence the in the ophthalmic lens industry». As you see, it’s rather a generic goal with no idea how this particular person is planning to make an impact and how MBA could help in the process. It’s an extremely vague stuff, as it doesn’t offer any insight
  • An average response: «My objective is to get back to my family enterprise and make it a leading ophthalmic lens provider by implementing cutting-edge educational standards at business school.» The given response starts addressing some of the issues mentioned in the previous response. It drops hint at MBA as the universal tool enabling the candidate to reform the company to achieve the desired state.
  • A strong response: «My short-term objective following my Wharton MBA is to get back to the family business and implement cutting-edge marketing knowledge to our production as well as retail divisions to position the company as the number one retailer and distributor and make a powerful impact in the sphere of ophthalmic lenses. I intend to position our company as a leading global player in the industry in the long term. This can be achieved due to inorganic growth ensured by the 80,000 a strong alumni network at Wharton combined with such promising educational courses as Cross Border M&A.» In this case, a long-term and short goal are provided separately. Furthermore, emphasizes how the MBA program would help him and his company.

Now, let’s see what you’re welcome to write in your career goals essay:

  • It’s up to you to be specific in your goals essay.
  • Show how MBA can develop your personality.
  • Tell us how your past roles get along with what you’re eager to do.
  • Show how you understand the school’s motto and tell how its resources could help you to meet your career objectives.
  • Prove that your objectives are fully realistic and you realize how to make them come true.
  • Read the essay’s question and make sure you’re answering it in the proper way. It’s a really crucial nuance as schools are free to make sudden changes in the way the question is asked.

You’d better avoid the following things in your goals essay:

  • Avoid launching into a «save the planet « tirade, unless it seems fully plausible regarding your career.
  • Avoid using a tone or language, which might make you sound rude or arrogant.

You shouldn’t make use of a cookie cutter approach in your career goals essay for different schools. Instead, you require tailoring your response every specific school in a way highlighting the school’s resources and demonstrating your sincere excitement concerning their specific program.

Avoid being superficial in your reasons. For instance, if you write that you need MBA just because you like its brand value or you intend to take a break or return into the workforce, and so on, your chanced to be accepted will be very low. You should realize that in this case the admissions committee won’t see deep reflection on your part.

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