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The Earth needs your global warming argumentative essay

Everybody knows that environment pollution is one of the most important global concerns. It negatively affects the surrounding environment and human health. No one can isolate himself from environment pollution. The Earth is our planet, we can’t escape from it, so all the life forms there are endangered. Every person ought to make a decent contribution towards the prevention of environment deterioration. This way we’ll help not only ourselves but also our kids. It’s quite real to combat environment pollution. Perhaps, the best motivation is to understand how pollution effects our health and nature around. We’ll tell about this in a global warming argumentative essay .

It’s so sad that a great number of people know nothing about an extremely harmful impact of environment polluting on our daily lives and even our financial well-being. There’re many useful steps governments and citizens of any country can take to improve this environment problem. With the way things are done these days in handling the problem of environment pollution, it won’t be possible to cope with tough consequences waiting for us in the nearer future. Are you scared? You can still avert this global disaster if you complete your global warming argumentative essay .

Earth pollution doesn’t give any benefits to human lives. Business owners of some industries have greatly contributed to global pollution. As a result, we’re facing a wide array of health related issues.

According to the World Health Organization approximately a quarter of today’s human health disorders is a direct result of unstoppable exposure to environmental pollution. However, it’s not easy to detect the diseases closely connected with environment pollution.

Poor management of solid waste is the major cause of environmental pollution and degradation in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, some countries fail to comply with strict regulations on waste management or they lack proper facilities to dispose harmful waste materials. These wastes can be not only infectious and toxic, but also radioactive. That’s another reason to write an argumentative essay about global warming .

You’ve certainly heard of global warming and how it negatively affects the Earth. Nevertheless, global warming has a sufficient number of supporters throughout the world. They keep saying that it’s more desirable for our planet to remain warm and greenhouse gases help us to capture the energy of the sun. Their arguments are quite questionable to put it mildly. In reality, global warming gives extremely negative consequences for human beings, animals as well as other life forms of our planet.

Environment pollution greatly harms crops because of lack of carbon dioxide required for crop germination. The planet’s ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner, so it can’t ensure reliable protection from UV rays. As a result, people face skin cancer, leukemia, cataracts, sun burns as well as plant damages. As you see, global warming keeps generating lots of global warming argumentative essay topics every minute.

Carbon dioxide gases are emitted mostly by motor vehicles and factories. Today, about 800 million cars keep producing greenhouse gases. Global warming is seen literally everywhere – increased temperatures, glaciers and migration. Additionally, there’s an awful disruption of seasonal patterns, increased sea levels, melting of ice caps and polar glaciers. Meanwhile we see animals as well as plant species heading northwards – they simply try to find places with cooler temperatures. That shouldn’t be overlooked in your argumentative essay global warming .

As a recently conducted analysis of climate change data states, there’re 99% chances that human activities have caused carbon dioxide emissions. That’s a direct result of burning of fossil fuel provoking terrible observable changes in the planet’s atmosphere. By the year of 2100 the earth surface temperature will drastically grow. There’s an urgent need to make decisive steps in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, power plants and factories.

Environment protection suggests participation of every person of the Earth. You’re already participating by writing this global warming argument essay . Some people hope that global warming hasn’t come yet, but they’re wrong as climate changes slowly, but unstoppably. Any human activities closely connected with greenhouse gases emissions needs to be stopped and strictly controlled by corresponding government regulations. Thus, we’ll protect and preserve the environment for our future generations for health disorders caused by global warming.

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