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Checking out examples of profile essays

If you are asked to write a profile essay, you are most likely to write a paper that presents a description of a certain idea, some kind of place or a person. This assignment students often face during their studies on different levels, because it is an important part of academy writing as a whole. A well-written example of profile essay will certainly help you in this deal, especially if you have never written this kind of essay before. However, you need to learn some basic information about it, so you could understand the strategy and the technique of writing a profile paper. Anyway, we will give you essential examples of profile essays and also, some useful tips and guidelines in this regard, that will significantly ease your writing process.

Before looking for the examples of profile essays , you should know that the purpose of the profile paper is to provide a presentation of a certain subject understandably and clearly so that the readers could form their viewpoint and personal attitude to the subject enlightened in the essay. On the one hand, a profile essay can be really expressive for the reason that in this kind of a paper you give your personal perspective and provide your own interpretation concerning certain subject. On the other hand, it is also objective, because you give appropriate data about the subject that it trustworthy and really existing.

If to compare a profile essay to some sort of biographical or even autobiographical writing, we should say that they have many common features. Among such features, there is the possibility of usage artistic methods, such as dialogues, anecdotes and many others. At the same time, we should clearly distinguish one type of writing from another and understand what the differences between them are. The point is, a biography writing, as well as the autobiography, is about experience, which may be remembered or learned, while profile essay has to provide new information, which is a result of observing, gathering data and making conclusions.

How to write a DBQ essay?

When it comes to writing a DBQ paper, you also may need a good example of a dbq essay. This kind of assignment you will probably get within your AP courses. The majority of students are really afraid of this kind of task and consider it to be a great challenge. However, as long as you read the following tips, you can stop worrying.

Preparing to the DBQ paper writing

  • The first and most important thing you should do, is realize that you are going to be given only fifteen minutes to read the assigned prompt and then you will have to proceed to accomplishing your task.
  • Be aware of the fact, that you will have no more than forty-five minutes to complete the writing part of the assignment. It means that you need to plan the time and divide your work into stages.
  • When you read, remember taking notes. Notes are very helpful, indeed, especially in this kind of situation. You don't need to go into details, although it is important to jot down the most significant words and phrases.
  • Read attentively. Actually, you may want to practice reading beforehand. To read and to think precisely of what you are reading about is not that easy as it may seem and it is better to have some practice in it.
  • When the reading part is over, you can think of some outside information. You may have the needed information in your textbook, because you most likely have learned it during your courses. Remember that this information is going to be the major part of your essay as a whole.
  • Use relevant documents that could support your idea, if appropriate. Remember that documents are the facts, which provide your paper with the essential evidence.
  • Determine and provide your personal attitude and viewpoint in regard to a certain prompt.
  • Build a strong thesis. For example: Women in the twenty-first century no more have to fight for their rights.
  • Take a look at the given documents and analyze them. As a rule, by documents we mean different kinds of publications and historical writings. Analyze the documents and make a conclusion, whether it fits your thesis.
  • Write down a couple of sentences about the historical period and its context in the light of the topic that you are going to write about.
  • Start writing the thesis statement, followed by the body paragraphs of the paper. Since you made an outline, it will not be too hard to complete this piece of work.
  • Demonstrate how your thesis and the body paragraphs are connected to each other by making logical links and conclusions.
  • Include citations, if appropriate. Remember adding special parentheses, in case you add a document or extra information within the document.
  • As for the conclusions, you need to provide them in the very end of your paper. In this part, it is essential to restate the thesis of your essay and provide a narrow summary of everything that you have already written in the previous two parts.

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