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The necessity of being cautions with an essay writing website

Well, you’ve made up your mind to hire someone to write your essays as well as other writing assignments. You might have taken this decision due to a variety of reasons, but anyway you’re cheating your tutors in this case. Do you fully understand all risks of opting for custom essay writing services?

Indeed, at the first sight any website that writes essays can offer you tons of obvious benefits:

  • Custom essays are properly structured and professionally written. Moreover, very often they’re completed by college professors.
  • Custom essays are quite affordable. However, once you find out why, you’ll have an obvious reason to worry.
  • Custom essays can really save your precious time. As a busy student, you might have not free time to complete all tasks you’ve been given.
  • Custom essays can even help you to understand the very nature of a professionally written paper.
  • Custom essays are plagiarism free of plagiarism.

Unfortunately, everything isn’t as rosy with essay writing websites as it seems at first glance. Now it’s time to get familiar with the negative side of buying essays online.

Have you ever thought why students are given such assignments? The truth is that essays develop students’ critical thinking and their ability to form clear arguments. They also learn to meet their deadlines. Additionally, writing essays is a powerful tool of learning. Respectively, if you try cheating your professors by paying for these custom papers, you’re firstly cheating yourself. Secondly, being aware of your real knowledge, it won’t be a problem for your tutor to understand that the essay hasn’t been written by you. It’s clear that a good professor can hardly believe that a mediocre student has suddenly become a guru of essay writing.

There’re approximately 200 different essay writing services on the net and this business is getting more and more profitable. They'll always have a sufficient number of clients, to put it mildly, as the world is flooded with lazy students, who have never been willing to write their academic papers on their own. So, there’s no wonder they keep ordering this service and they’re always ready to pay for custom essays. By the way, some custom essay writing services can even emulate your lack of knowledge. Accordingly, you’ll save your precious time, while making your essay less «perfect».

On other hand, you don’t have an opportunity to check the actual professional skills of your ghostwriters. It’s clear that in their ads they point out to their professionalism and rich experience. Unfortunately, they won’t give you any guarantees. However, you can read essay writing website reviews on the net.

You’d better stay away from cheap prices on this service. This may indicate rather a low professional level. That’s not worth your trust anyway.

As Times Higher Education states, prices for such services vary greatly. For instance, one custom essay writing service may charge you about £70 for a paper, while others will ask up to £150. Prices depend on a region.

There’s another crucial nuance as for essay writing websites free you need to be aware of. These days many universities as well as colleges keep pursuing a strict policy as for the market of custom essays. They even work together to spot new methods of disclosure. So, if you’re caught ordering such services, you can say goodbye to your educational institution as well as your future diploma. Keep in mind that expulsion is a standard punishment practiced by many universities and colleges for submitting a purchased paper.

Well, everything sounds so bad here. On the other hand, it’s so weird that a great number of college professors earn money by writing essays for students. Have you ever thought why they keep doing this? The answer is surprisingly simple – professors earn extra income this way.

Of course, you’re eager to know how you can be safe when it comes to paying for custom essay writing services. Well, we can offer you one worthy tip. Choose a college professor to write an essay on a certain topic for you. In this case, your paper will be of high quality. The newly written essay can be cited in your work. There’s no plagiarism here, while you’re the author of your long-awaited essay.

Fortunately, the vast majority of universities don’t pursue any definite policy on citing such works. Respectively, ordering this stuff will be most likely safe for your reputation. On the other hand, we can’t guarantee that they won’t regard it as an academic offence if they catch you citing a purchased writing work. As you see, every medal features its reverse. By the way, many professors never believe their students would pay for writing work just to cite it afterward. Indeed, it looks like a worthless thing to pay for citing. At least, you can find thousands of respectful sources for this purpose.

If you still want to take advantage of any of these services, work only with trustful ones and always check ready-made papers for plagiarism.

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