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Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

If you are stuck with finding a good topic for your next argumentative essay related to education, the good news is that there are many ways to develop original and interesting ideas. Make your final choice based on your discipline, interests, and requirements that should be met when writing your writing a synthesis essay. For example, when taking a look at education from a political side or economics point of view, you should use completely different approaches. Keep in mind that this academic paper should be based on solid and clear facts, not on your personal emotions. Arguments are good only if they support your thesis statement, so you need to use all possible sources of information to get backgrounds to develop your main idea. If you find this task hard or time-consuming, don’t hesitate to use professional services. For example, our team of skilled academic writers will be happy to explain you the basics of what is a capstone project.

When you need to choose the best one for your next assignment, take into consideration the following helpful and fresh essay topics about education :

  • Discuss the benefits of home schooling over its traditional form and find supporting case studies to use in your essay.
  • Argue if iPad classrooms are good or bad and use the latest stats to support your claim.
  • Pay attention to college athletes and state your opinion if they should be paid. Don’t forget to mention both pros and cons.
  • Do you agree that remedial classes should be open in colleges? If you’re interesting in this original essay topic about education , you need to use solid stats.
  • Get more information about standards and express your opinion if they must dictate the curriculum in secondary schools (name at least a few standards in your essay).
  • Find out whether students need to complete specific community service hours as their basic requirement to graduation. You should mention an acceptable number.
  • You can write about the impact of run-in with the law on the academic world. Do you agree that kids and teens should be punished at school? Try to discuss the pros and cons of their possible punishments and use this idea as your next topic about education essay
  • Devote your academic paper to plagiarism consequences when students are caught cheating one way or another. It’s necessary to define plagiarism before discussing it, so check relevant magazines and other informational sources for relevant stories.
  • Explore the theory that youngsters need to start schooling earlier than now and remember to discuss exact times and relevant studies.
  • Write your argumentative essay about life skills classes and their importance. You should mention the specific benefits provided to students when making your personal statement.

Other Excellent Ideas That You Can Use

Nowadays, the educational system is quite fluid, and this means there are endless new classes, methods, and concepts that evolve on a regular basis. They all can be used as topics for your next essay, so you have endless options to choose from. If you don’t have any idea of how to get started, focus on the following topics about education for essay writing:

  • Do you agree that kids must be required to learn a few foreign languages from their young age? Should they start going to school earlier?
  • Do you think that students need to do as much homework as they do now?
  • Do teachers need to perform tests on a regular basis to ensure that they are skilled enough for their job?
  • Is it necessary to make lessons more frequent and shorter to help students study well?
  • Should school days start or finish later (earlier)? Why?
  • Do parents need to play a more active role in educating their kids?
  • Do students want to be rewarded for their good attendance?
  • Do teachers need longer holidays?
  • Is it still necessary to use corporal punishments to help young students teach the right discipline?
  • Is it worth separating students based on their sex?
  • Is it possible to make higher education accessible for anybody?
  • Should all schools benefit from the latest technology, including laptops?
  • Do you agree that tests and exams must be abolished?
  • Should failing schools be punished more heavily? Do people need to make them more accountable for bad educational results achieved by students?
  • Is compulsory education a must?

You can invent your own ideas for the next argumentative essay or look for best resume writing service specialists, such as the ones hired by our reputable agency.

Vital Essay Writing Guidelines

  • Write a captivating and clear introduction. Its quality has a huge impact on the entire essay and your future grades. There are 2 important elements that must be in place, such as your hook and thesis proposal.
  • Craft interesting main body paragraphs and make sure they are focused enough on your thesis statement. This means they should refer back to it, so that readers will be aware of what you want to prove in your essay.
  • Include relevant and supporting examples. They should be backed by solid facts and other evidence.
  • Don’t forget about your purposeful conclusion. Make sure this essay section provides readers with a call to action, can wrap up the main idea, and leave it with a thought to ponder.
  • Add your personal point of view. You should include your own words, ideas, and thoughts when writing your argumentative essay, so that it shouldn’t be just a collection of clear facts. Its basic purpose is to inform, entertain, and persuade readers, so be sure to state your personal opinion.
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