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How can the great American dream be best studied?


The Great Gatsby, a fictional story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, has earned an honored place in world literature but the fame came much later after the 1920s Jazz Age when it was written. The American rich are in search of the American dream just as the present day Americans are. The mistake all along was to equate dreams and success with materialism and the possession of money, cars, buildings, and of course women. That is the tragic story. Strangely enough, the writer has taken ideas from real life. Gatsby and Daisy in the story may well be the writer and his wife Zelda with several parallels.

Essay writing means different things like the children in school write them, and on the other hand the scholarly critical essays mean so much. The essay indicates basic brief thoughts on a subject but scholarly issues reflect many complexities and run into maybe 2000 words. Though essays are classified in several categories like reflective and personal, argumentative and expository, writing an expository essay can be a challenge indeed. All essays intend to reveal something new and interesting even if the ideas reflect old wine in new bottles. A new slant is the prerequisite of journalistic writing and the inverted pyramid puts important points first. Expository or explanatory prepares a list of facts and then goes about explaining them logically and coherently, with lots of examples to bring clarity. An essay on urban pollution would bring together many things.

While short essays are the norm like the 200 word essays of school children, they do throw light on interesting and challenging ideas through childish eyes. School life has many lessons to teach even grownups since they were kids too long ago. The world is gradually moving towards excessive brevity like in social media, and so the power of compacting expression is getting more important as we become busier.

Writing an essay on the great gatsby would be a difficult task indeed unless it was lengthy and dealing with a single aspect of the novel. Dealing with plot and character or themes and symbolism separately would be feasible in a scholarly piece of writing by following the tenets of essay writing. A plan of the important points would be made and logically developed with paragraphs dealing with a single point. The basic formula of introduction, body and conclusion would suffice on most occasions.

A thesis format is far more complicated though with greater length and is a scholarly written work usually for research purposes, and submitted to a college or university to achieve a certification, award, diploma or degree. If the thesis is accepted, it is followed by a viva or oral examination. One possible layout is the introduction (Chapter 1), followed by a review of related literature(Chapter 2), research methodology (Chapter 3), presentation, analysis and interpretation of data (Chapter 4), the summary of findings (Chapter 5), bibliography and appendices.

With excessive media everywhere in homes, institutions and offices, a powerpoint presentation communicates information in pleasing easy to understand ways with illustrations, by means of a projector on a screen. While a little technical knowledge of computer use is necessary, arranging such a brief presentation requires no extraordinary skills. All you need to do is to divide the material in a number of slides with bullets if needed, colorful backgrounds, charts and tables too. Accompanying music may be added besides the live voice of the narrator who delivers the lecture to a live audience. Such presentations are found in plenty on the internet and deal with every subject under the sun.

Literature reviews and study materials provide rare insights

Since numerous essays on the great Gatsby have been written by scholars in all their profundity, the reader can well visualize the great American dream if it exists at all. Some authorities claim that it is all an illusion and success or the acquisition of money is what the dream refers to. Compared to the 1920s, America has reached far greater power and wealth in 2015 and claims to be the greatest civilization that ever existed. The billionaire count, the biggest buildings and business empires have transformed America into a mighty conglomeration and an unfortunate target for terrorists as they try to police the world.

In order to write a worthy essay on the great gatsby, a thorough reading and analysis would reveal the themes like money, power and love and how the characters play out their dangerous lives for the sake of social position. Jay Gatsby, the protagonist, rose to prominence in mysterious ways. In spite of his wealth and power, Jay is never really accepted amongst the elite. In this story, everybody is in search of wealth and so nobody succeeds. Death waits for Jay with no spiritual values to sustain him. If Daisy represents the American dream, it is a dream that failed for Jay.

With the publication of new essays on the great gatsby, more matter has arrived to feed the mind regarding the tragic tale of lost hopes and values. Perhaps the world is really a wasteland as depicted by T.S. Eliot, and a world of the absurd as the existentialists put it, a world of nonsensical nothingness with selfish desires the only dream.

In terms of the requirements for a psychology paper, the approach would have to be very concise and make use of appropriate references. The Great Gatsby could be explained in terms of psychological loss of values. The First World War had just ended with all the destruction that it underwent across many countries. The 1920s meant a period of recovery and tensions had not died down. Soon to come was the great Depression when jobs and food were not available in the great business slump. Simplification lies at the core of psychological writing and the hourglass symbol is most appropriate with a broad introduction followed by a thin trickle of thought patterns. In the end comes the broadening process once again.

Thus an essay on the great Gatsby can provide valuable lessons on life and times, money and values, success and love and death. For a student, scholar and even lay people, essay questions on the great gatsby would be the best method to develop insights, whether to develop essay writing skills or to read ready-made essays sold in the internet marketplace. A few are searching, revealing and the rare insights would apply in our contemporary lives since life and death, love, money, and power are all enduring concerns. We cannot live without them.

  • Is it wise to chase the American dream in the context of the tragic Gatsby love story?
  • Can a self-made man like Jay really succeeds amidst the values of the present world or is aristocratic birth necessary for success?
  • What comparisons and contrasts exist between the 1920s America and present day American life?
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