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Choosing a Good Topic for Your Persuasive Essay on Sports

If you are assigned to write an academic paper about sports, coming up with an interesting and original topic is one of the first things that should be done. This step is important because you need to ensure that you choose something that you can write about and in a specific number of pages. For example, most students are asked to write 5-paragraph essays on sports, and this means they need to pick a smaller topic compared to other assignments. If you don’t know how to choose the best subject to discuss in your academic paper, get our professional help available around the clock.

  • Start with taking a look at your assignment details. The worst thing you can do is picking a topic and writing a paper just to find out that it doesn’t fit the requirements of your professor. Pay attention to such important details as page limits, deadlines, and so on. It’s advisable to look for specific keywords, such as comparing and analyzing. Once you know everything about your assignment specifics, don’t hesitate to start brainstorming available topics for your future turabian paper.
  • When you choose a particular topic, concentrate on the things that you feel passionate about because they all can be great subjects to discuss in your essay. The good news is that there are many helpful brainstorming exercises and tools used to determine the best one.
  • When brainstorming for excellent ideas, try to write down everything you know about them. Feel free to write anything that is in your mind while being focused on a specific subject and this is what will help you choose a perfect one. For example, you may decide to write an essay on steroids in sports.

Other Helpful Ideas and Tips

  • Know your shortcomings and qualities. Think about your writing skills and be realistic when evaluating them. It’s advisable to use your logic, thinking, creativity, imagination, and other qualities to craft a great academic paper. You should be aware of your strong sides before deciding on a specific topic to discuss in it.
  • The same can be said for shortcomings. For example, if you are struggling with linguistic uses, you should write shorter sentences. If you have difficulties with graphic writing, this means you should avoid choosing the topics that require expressive writing.
  • Conceptualize the ideas you are keen on. Good subjects allow you to keep thriving as you write, and that’s why you should concentrate on something you are really interested in, such as writing a classification essay on sports fans. This is what allows you to be more enthusiastic about topic ideas and their discussion.

Widespread Mistakes to Be Avoided

Many students tend to make specific mistakes when writing their essays, and the most common ones are listed below. Make sure you don’t make the same errors to achieve your academic success.

  • Answering a particular question. Read your assignment attentively to be sure to answer its question when writing your case study template.
  • Be specific and personal when discussing your chosen topic. If you are asked to tell readers something about sports, make sure you think creatively when choosing a topic and don’t be afraid to reject boring or standard ideas.
  • Stick to length limits. Pay attention to the number of words or their range before getting started because your essay shouldn’t be either too short or too long if you need to get the highest grades possible. Feel free to get rid of irrelevant facts, poorly developed ideas, clichés, and others. Distracting readers with them is a really bad idea.
  • Concentrate on the right tone. If you want to use your sense of humor, don’t place too much of them because you will appear a comedian instead of a good student. Besides, when writing any business paper, make sure your tone is formal enough.
  • Avoid being materialistic or self-interested. It’s always best to take into consideration different points of view to get the clearest picture of your chosen topic.
  • Don’t rely on automated spell-checkers too much. That’s because they are not always as effective and reliable as you may need. You risk ending up submitting your academic paper with different grammar and spelling mistakes, so it’s advisable to reread it personally at least twice. Asking other students for their fresh opinion is another excellent idea to improve your assignment. Besides, you can always count of the editing services offered by academic writing agencies, such as ours. Our professionals will handle anything from a creative essay to a powerpoint presentation.
  • Don’t overlook the role played by the mundane. Some of the most remarkable essays are based on personal conversations because the takeaways and impressions from them are quite engaging and interesting. Use them to write a great academic paper and achieve your academic success.
  • Make sure you include enough facts to support your thesis statement. Look for relevant and credible sources of information, such as a good book report, to back up your opinion or argument.
  • Forget about your ego. If you think that your writing talents are incredible, your professor may not think the same way, so try to be more skeptical and realistic.
  • Organize your academic paper correctly. It should consist of a brief and clear introduction, main body paragraphs with enough valuable information, and conclusion. If some sections are missing, you’ll fail.
  • Start writing your essay as early as possible to meet existing deadlines, so that you should have a detailed plan and schedule to avoid hurrying up.


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