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What is an essay on religion ?

Writing papers doesn't have to be a struggle for you. This is just what needs to be done by a number of students all over the world for their studies and, if to understand the methodology of writing essays, you will not be confused by any topic you need to write your paper about. If you attend religious classes or study religious science at school or college, you are probably often assigned to write essays on religion. As a matter of fact, it might be quite an interesting assignment, as you can learn a lot of fascinating and surprising facts while accomplishing it. Here, you will find out common guidelines and tips that will help you create a good paper and receive a high mark.

This is an ordinary piece of writing, where you need to focus on some religious aspect and enlighten it. Religion is a very broad issue, covering thousands of problems, interesting issues and phenomena. As a matter of fact, there is a great number of religions all over the world, which the majority of people don't even know about. Therefore, you can choose a well-know religion to discuss in your paper or devote your essay to an issue that will surprise your professor. As long as you are free to choose the topic, we suggest considering the following list of ideas that you may find useful.

What to write in an essay on religion about?

Whatever topic you choose, remember that you will need to do a research on it in order to make your essay well-written and provide a good discussion. Therefore, it is important that you pick a topic that interests you personally. Keep in mind that the following list of topics is not complete. You can consider it to be just a source of inspiration that will help you understand more precisely what you want to do your research on.

  • The role of religion in the world. You can discuss here the importance of religion in the light of history, look for some important historical events that were related to some kind of religion.
  • The role of religion in people's life. Here, you may provide an evaluation of the phenomenon of religion within its impact on moral values of people, their attitudes and behavior.
  • Write a comparative essay about different kinds of religion. In this essay, you may provide differences and common characteristics of two or more world religions like Christianity and Islam, or Judaism.
  • The significance of religion in society. In contrast to its significance in people's life or in the world as a whole, this topic needs to enlighten the relation of religion to the ethic norms and social institutions, like family, government and so on.
  • Religion VS violence. Think whether these two phenomena are connected to each other or whether they are the just opposite. You may go online and find interesting facts about crimes committed in the name of religion. Do you think it is appropriate to justify any kinds of evil deeds by means of religion beliefs?
  • Write about religion and science. Here, you need to take a certain position and decide whether you think that religion is the consequence of people's fear of the unknown or whether you believe that everything in the world was created by a power, which is called God. On the other hand, you may write about religion as something that is based on knowledge. Anyway, you can just provide your opinion in regard to the relationship between religion and science.
  • Provide a discussion about the difference between the faith and religion. Do you think this difference exists? If yes, how can you explain it?
  • Do a research on the history of religion in one of the countries in the world. For example, China would be a great country to learn about the history of Confucianism.
  • Write an essay on religions , covering the most widespread world religions. Here, you may provide a prospective of spreading christianity and islam and determine which one os going to become more popular in the nearest twenty years.
  • Writing an essay on hindu religion will never bore you. You can learn fascinating facts about Hindu traditions when doing research for this paper. In fact, Hindu is becoming more and more popular over the last several years and you can find out why.
  • Learn the most strange cults in the world and write about them in your paper. You are going to be surprised how some people express their faith in God.
  • Write a paper about the history of Christianity. You may enlighten one stage in its history by picking the most significant period or which one seems more interesting to you.
  • Write an essay about one day in the life of Jesus. This is going to be more creative pice of writing, and here, you can use your imagination.
  • Do a research on the phenomenon of angels in Catholic faith. Where did it come from?
  • Write how Bible can help in making different decisions. What does Bible teach people in this regard? You can include your own experience, of appropriate.
  • Finally, toy can write a paper describing the role of religion in your personal life. Tell about your own faith, beliefs and attitudes concerning religion. Give examples, how it helped you in different situations. Quite the opposite, if you are an atheist, you may write about the causes of your decision to become an atheist.

We hope that these essay topics on religion will give you a good idea of something to write about. Anyway, remember that you can turn to our help at any time. We can guide you through the whole process of writing your paper as soon as you us. Also, we are competent in a number of other issues, like the following:


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