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Your most useful paper work ever: an essay on pollution

When talking about environmental pollution we firstly mean the everlasting introduction of harmful pollutants into the surrounding environment. As for the key types of environment pollution, they’re water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution and soil pollution.

Deforestation as well as hazardous gaseous also should be blamed for environmental pollution. For the last ten years, the world has seen a considerable rise in environmental pollution. That’s why you’re writing an essay on pollution now.

As you know, without water and air there won’t be any life forms on our planet. That’s a biosphere foundation for animals, plants and humans. Our biosphere features the following gases: nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The given vital substances are properly balanced to ensure a healthy growth and development of life in our world. Unfortunately, the rapidly growing human potentials often appear to be extremely harmful for this delicate balance. As a result, we, humans generate tons of pollution. You need to describe it in your essay on pollution.

The causes of environmental pollution

As you might have already guessed, environmental pollution never comes from nowhere. It has quite definite causes:

  • Vehicles: Motor vehicles consume diesel and petrol. Due to combustion, they emit tons of harmful smoke, thus polluting our precious environment. Traffic fumes mix with the air breathed by us every day. By the way, vehicles also create much noise, so you can even write an essay on noise pollution.
  • Industrial activities: In spite of the fact, lots of industries throughout the world keep bringing us affluence and prosperity, they also greatly contribute to disturbing the ecological balances. The swirling gases, palls of smoke, industrial effluents, not to mention fall-out scientific experiments often generate severe health hazards, contaminating both water and air. The wrong disposal of industrial wastes makes a great deal of water pollution. Don’t forget to mention this awful fact in your small essay on pollution.
  • Population overgrowth: Due to the rapid unstoppable increase in population, especially in developing countries, there has been a significant surge in demand for basic food, shelter and occupation. Our world has witnessed massive deforestation to meet the increased demands of the growing population.
  • Rapid industrialization and urbanization: The rapid growth of industrialization and urbanization greatly contribute to environmental pollution and do much harm to the animal kingdom, plant life, not to mention the human lives. That’s what your essay on pollution control should tell about.

As you see, environmental pollution has negatively influenced the life of both animals and human beings. It’s so sad to tell about this, but almost all of our impressive gains in the fields of science, industrial progress and technology have been achieved at the cost of our health and environment. Now we see that both fauna and flora were are being threatened with complete extinction. Of course, just writing essays on pollution can’t be enough to tackle this huge global problem.

Some people think that we can cope with the environmental pollution by simply making the most of the fall-out from industries and nuclear tests. The smoke left behind motor vehicles, the constantly increasing use of synthetic detergents, insecticides, nitrogen fertilizers contaminate both water and air.

Apart from this, there are other significant environmental challenges:

  • Noise-pollution negatively affects our auditory sense organs. It can even cause tiredness, mental losses, to say nothing of deafness.
  • Air-pollution causes quite sever lung diseases as well as brain disorders.
  • The water we drink and vegetable we eat are all polluted these days. As a result, we face more and more ailments.
  • Unfortunately, nothing in our world is immune to environmental pollution, no life is absolutely safe and the future of our world is uncertain.
  • Soil pollution may have rather a negative effect on farm output ratio. Obviously, it can pollute the ground and water.
  • The heat generated by vehicles and industries causes thermal pollution. They raise the environmental temperature of the nearby areas.
  • The factories are usually built in populated areas, while cars are used to driving through the congested areas. All of this causes immense disturbances and a slew of health disorders.

What can we do?

We offer a number of worthy suggestions to cope with environmental pollution:

  • Deforestation needs to be stopped, while forestry should be developed.
  • We should ban discharge of factory wastes in rivers, to protect the river-water from contamination.
  • It’s up to researchers to find out how to cope with harmful smoke from motor vehicles.
  • The government should set up future factories at distant places far away from townships.

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