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Understanding the style of an essay on personality

Essays on personality represent a kind of writing assignment that is usually faced by high school or college students. Most often papers about personalities, including famous people and celebrities, are written in a manner of a descriptive essay. This type is most appropriate when your paper describes something or somebody and needs to provide a bright image of the description object. When the object is a personality, it is essential that you let your audience imagine exactly what you want them to imagine. In this article, you will find tips and guidelines that will help you create a vivid image of the description object.

The magic key to creating a perfect paper on personality, is making up a vivid image of the description object in the audience's minds by means of five sentences. The rest of your essay may be devoted to whatever you want, including but not limited to analysis, comparison, research and so on. These five sentences, however, will be the main in your paper, even though they will be its the smallest part.

When you pick the topic for your essay on personality , keep in mind, that you are going to concentrate on a person. Therefore, pick the topic that can be enlighten appropriately in those five sentence, which are meat to create a vivid image. The point of your essay is not not tell, but to show first of all. Find a personality that can be brightly described, that has fascinating features that could provoke interest of your audience.

Creating an effective thesis statement

This is where you need to grab your reader's attention. This is going to be the first part of your paper, which is meant to create the mood of the whole paper and govern it to the very end. A good thesis statement announces the purpose of the essay, lets the reader know what he is going to read about and states the main idea of the essay, which will be supported by argumentation within the whole text.

There are special methods of grabbing reader's attention that professional writers use throughout their writing career. The most effective, however, is using a hook. The hook is allocated in the opening sentence of the first part of the essay, which is a thesis statement. A hook may be a funny anecdote, cute joke, quotation from a novel or citation of a celebrity. As long as you are writing about a personality, we suggest using a quotation, whose author is the person you are writing about.

When it comes to the body of your essay, it is important that you provide only interesting information in a rather narrow manner. Find out curious facts about certain person that you think may be interesting for your reader. Before you proceed to writing the body of the paper, you need to make a list of the features of the personality. Use two columns, for example, to write down his or her advantages and disadvantages. This is helpful for a better understanding of a person and what side it is better to describe the personality from.

The structure is important

Without writing your paper in a structured manner, you have no chances to receive a high mark. The text needs to be written coherently and clearly, following the main idea. You need to make the content understandable for the reader and not to confuse your audience. Each paragraph has to provide one point of view. Therefore, if you are providing the advantages of the personality, like strength, honesty, etc, you cannot tell about his or her bad sides in the same paragraph. In this case, you should devote one paragraph to the advantages and another to the disadvantages in order not to confuse your reader.

If your task is to write an essay on personality traits , the most appropriate way to structure it would be to divide the traits into categories by certain characteristics and to provide each category in a separate paragraph.

Pay attention that whatever traits, characteristics and features of the personality you provide, you need to support your point with arguments, examples and evidences. If you are writing about honesty, you need to include an example from the real life of the personality, a situation where he or she demonstrated this feature. Also, you may include citation of the person you write about, which can serve as both evidence and argumentation.

When you write the conclusion part, it is important that you demonstrate how the conclusions meet all the information given in the previous part of your essay. What does this information prove? At the end of the day, how can you characterize the person in general? Is he a selfless, devoted and honest person or is he a selfish and cruel one? Your conclusions need to be logical and rational.

Tips for writing

  • When your essay is written, make sure there are no mistakes in it.
  • Addressing the person by his first name is unacceptable.
  • Always evaluate the relevance and credibility of the information sources you use.
  • Starting a sentence with the name of a certain person is inappropriate.
  • Include the list of references providing the sources you used.
  • Don't include too much quotations. Two or three will be enough.

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