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The greatest topic ever: essay on friendship

Many people agree that a person is a social animal and this social animal can’t stand living alone. Human beings of similar dispositions attract each other. Over time, intimacy starts growing between them. These people start trusting each other. We usually call it «friendship». Some people even write an essay on friendship .

A friend can be a workmate, classmate, companion or any person, who shares our interests and feelings. Friendship normally provokes a mutual fruitful exchange of trust, emotions and support between those who consider themselves friends.

We’ve already told above that as usual, friendship arises between folks of the same age as well as dispositions. These people have similar emotions, passions and sentiments. When a person meets another person somewhere, he suddenly finds they both share the same visions as well as goals for life. Certainly, this shared vision towards the same objective helps them to be closer and even help each other. Thus, human beings of the same age become friends.

In offices, various people work together as one solid entity in order to meet their organizational objectives. The overall achievement of organizational targets will drastically improve their chances of individual success. As you know, we often make good friends at our work.

Friendship has got a number of undisputable benefits:

  • First, it’s very hard and almost impossible for a person to pass his days alone. When spending their time in the company of friends, people raise their spirits. They share the joys of others in happy days.
  • If you have true friends, you will be less vulnerable to rigors of life – friends help each other in distress. Surrounded by friends you’ll cope with any depressive situation and build your self-esteem.
  • Besides sharing love and happiness, friends can be honest mentors or guides for you. At times of confusion or inability to make decisions, you can always approach your friends in order to discuss your confidential stuff and share points of view.

It’s so sad that real friendship is quite rare. A great number of people are used to rounding men of power and wealth just to serve their selfish needs under the garb of true friendship. There’s no doubt they leave their "friends", when they’re no longer rich and powerful. Unfortunately, the world is flooded with such selfish personalities, offering their friendship. Stay from such people. Only those can be friends, who are ready to help you in need.

As mentioned above people should be especially cautious when choosing friends. It’s always painful to cut off relationships later for some reason. True friendship can last till the last days and it never fluctuates from time to time. It’s a sacred thing, include it in your essay on true friendship .

Many people call friendship a school for character. That’s true to some extent, as it really gives us a great opportunity to study other persons’ temperaments, which are different from our own. These contradictions, nobilities, quirks, blind spots of our friends we keep tracking – all of this we should know before we decide how far we can rely on them in difficult situations. In fact, the learning curve of any friendship relationship suggests filling out the entire picture of our pals’ limitations and then making peace with results.

Married friends having their own houses, are more likely to draw us into their domestic fold, while single folks often appear to be extremely sensitive concerning establishing a separate space for friendship. That’s often discussed in essays on friendship . It’s often very difficult to pry a married pal away from his hearth. The matter is that for married folks, especially those with kids, their home normally becomes the wellhead of their nurturing feelings. So, they simply want an invited friend to take part in this general flow. Such friends probably try to reach two goals at the same time. They try to combine paying attention to their family with socializing with you. Unfortunately, that’s often unreal. In this regard, friendship often appears to be a jealous goddess. Yes, in this case we often have to this nasty feeling of being replaced by his spouse.

It goes without saying a person who lives alone normally enjoys more control over his schedule. Therefore, he has more energy for friendship. On the other hand, there’s a real danger of investing excessive emotional energy in a friend. That’s what you should also mention in an essay on friendship .

Undoubtedly, in your definition essay on friendship you should write that friendship is always a long conversation. At least that’s what it should be ideally. We can imagine a sort of nonverbal friendship, revolving around sports activities or shared physical work, but a good talk brings this relationship on a higher level. Really, this ability to generate a fruitful conversation by the hour clearly indicates that this particular relationship will most likely become true long-lasting friendship.

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