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Essay on cell phones details

When you see the topic of the article, don’t be deceived. Here, we will be discussing how to write essays about cell phones and not how to use cell phones in writing essays. So come along with me and learn how you can craft something in this regard and the areas you should center on when writing essays on cell phones. When you have this topic, you should not just rush into the writing; you should as usual brainstorm and think deeply about where to center your title and the particular area to concentrate your cell phone essay on. You may want to delve into the history of a cell phone, you may also want to look at the origin of cell phone and how they were invented. On the other angle, your cell phone essay may actually look into the usage of cell phones. Now, whenever you have this task, you should not make the mistake of going to look for those more complicated things about cell phones. Your essay on cell phones should always center on those simple and practical things about cell phones as you use them on a daily basis. When you brainstorm, you have to write down all the points and ideas you have thought about. With this, you can have a direction for your writing an informative essay about cell phones.


There is no gainsaying that most of the students find it difficult to find the things to write about when they are faced with creative essays about cell phones. Have you heard that creativity is not always something that is abstract? Many people can get creative when you put them in such line of thought. We have tutorials about technical and electronic essays that will reveal to you the areas of thought and ideas that will help you to get creative in writing an argumentative essay on cell phones. This is given to you as a one on one tutorial, and at the end of it all, you would have developed some practical creativity in writing this and other types of essays. Another reason why you may find it difficult to write a good essay in this regard is if you are given the topic by your lecturer, even when you know that you are not interested in things about a cell phone. If this is the case, you do not have to worry because there are many sources where you can get information to write about. What you should pray for is the literary skill that will help you put the pieces you will pick from these places together. You can research online, in the libraries, in the electronic, style and cell phone journals and from many other sources. You may even take the bull by the horn by asking people around you to write down their experience about cell phones and what they know about them. If you can make this a standard questionnaire or case study that will lead to an elaborate research summary , then you can just seek for simple information from people around you. They will be very willing to offer this.


Areas to focus your essay on cell phones


There are some areas you must not overlook when you write an essay on cell phone. You have to look at the dos of a cell and the don’ts and see if any of them will make a good essay topic. Have you talked about the fact that cell phones are very useful in occasions of emergencies? Have you also talked about the fact that the cell phones will help you to connect to people as quickly and easily as possible? The most prevalent of the present day advantages of cell phones hinges on the fact that they can help you to kill boredom. In fact, the phones have been made a computer or world of a sort so that you can practically do everything with a phone. You can now stay indoors for weeks, coordinating your life with a phone. You can keep yourself busy when you are bored with phones and you will never notice the boredom. Talk about the importance of this and the benefits you have personally had from them. On the other angle, you may also wish to talk about the fact that you can conduct business and earn money through your cell phones. Your persuasive essay on cell phones can also relate the benefit of the cell phone to weather checks and other travel benefits. Have you also remembered that with Google maps on your phone, you can never get lost? Enumerate on these and you will have lots to write about. You can showcase the benefits of these and you can as well give instructions on how to enjoy these features.


You can as well have a look at the negative angles of cell phones in your courseworks. Here, you may be talking about the radiation and other disadvantages they cause to the environment. You may choose to focus on the time wasted on games and social media instead of doing productive things. The cell phones can cause accidents when people do not use them well when driving. The overreliance on cell phones on the other angle reduces the level of bond and interaction witnessed within families and friends. You may even focus on the fact that it has eroded some of the valuable customs and traditions, especially when young people rely so much on it. Do you need a workable grant proposal? We can offer proposals that will not fail to gain you the funding you need.



    • When you write about your cell phones, you should talk in an artistic manner because cell phones have an element of style and beauty.


    • Make sure you give the features when you describe particular brands and types of cell phones, but don’t give too many details in simple essays of 5 paragraphs.


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