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What is an essay on advertising ?

As long as all people live in a material world, which is a feature of a contemporary society, we all are surrounded with different kinds of advertisement. More than that, there is no place where you will not find any signs of advertisement: wherever you go online, advertisement follows you on every web-site; when walking in the street, having dinner in a restaurant, traveling by car or by train, or by plain, etc. advertisement demonstrates its presence on every step you take. While some people find it annoying and unacceptable, others are involved into the advertisement industry and make money from making commercials. Here, you will find information that will help you do your research on advertisement and write your paper on this issue.

This is a piece of writing that provides research on the phenomenon of advertising, and enlightens its aspects, such as historical context, concepts, effects, causes, audience, at which the advertisement is pointed at, as well as evaluates the significance of its influence on the society. As a matter of fact, one can enlighten a wide range of topics concerning this issue, as long as the industry of advertisement is highly developed and has a complicated structure, long history, lots of features and so on. You can do a research on the early history of this industry and provide it in your essay on advertising . At the same time, you may cover in your paper the contemporary period of developing this industry. To cut a long story short, you have a wide choice of topics to write about.

Getting started on the essay on advertisement

Before you proceed to writing your paper, we suggest looking at the following questions and answers:

  • What is advertisement? This is an integral part of contemporary society, a kind of massive communication, which helps sell different products and services by means of persuasive techniques that affect the audience.
  • How old is the history of it? It appeared thousands of years ago, since people began handling economic relations between each other, such as selling things and providing services.
  • What kinds of advertisement exist in the world? There are two main kinds of advertisement: commercials, which are created with the purpose of making money of the product or service that is advertised; social advertisement, which is created with the objective of making people aware of important issues, concerning health, state they live in, society issues, charity and so on.
  • What is the objective of the defined industry? The main objective of advertisement is to provoke the interest of the target audience and to influence the audience's mind in favor of that or another product or service.

Now that you possess the main and basic information concerning the phenomenon of advertisement, you can start choosing the topic.

Considering topics for essays on advertisements

  • Enlighten the role of advertisement in the contemporary society. Is this role negative or positive?
  • Write about methods of advertising and find out which of them are more widespread, and which are less popular.
  • What people are more likely be to persuaded by advertisement techniques? What are the ways of recognizing advertisement in case, if it is not obvious?
  • What kinds of hidden advertisement exist nowadays? Provide evidence and examples from real life.
  • What makes an advertisement effective? What persuasive methods are used by the best advertisement managers in the world?
  • Enlighten the terms of ethics within the industry of advertisement. What methods, slogans, pictures, videos, ideas and so on are acceptable in using advertisement and what not?
  • Write about the power of advertisement. The point is, not everyone is aware of the fact, how strong the influence of advertisement on the target audience is. Enlightening this issue would be beneficial for you and interesting for your potential readers.
  • Write a comparative essay providing differences and common characteristics of advertisement and other industry, like marketing, for example.
  • What is the role of a gender in the advertisement? Are there stereotypes existing within the audience's perception of advertisement? If yes, try to find relative examples and provide them.
  • Provide in your essay on advertisements an answer, whether this phenomenon is dangerous and harmful for young generation, children and people as a whole.
  • Do a research in the tactics of advertisement and provide the results of your research in your essay. What hooks, methods and tactics are used in order to grab the attention of the target audience?
  • Advertisement vs religion. What the connection between these two issues is, how they depend on each other and in what way religion restricts the freedom of advertisement.
  • Write a persuasive essay about the dark side of this phenomenon. Find out and name the most harmful affects of it and the consequences of its action.
  • Write about sex in advertisement. Does it lie within ethical norms, that restrict advertising?

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