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Writing a college essay in English

Before we go ahead to list and explain different types of essay in English which you will encounter as a student in college, it will also be good to tell you what an essay is. When you are told about an essay in the college, just know that the teacher is talking about any form of writing, which sets out to discuss, analyze, and describe a particular topic. You have to note the factors that are prevalent in an essay. They must be analyzing, explaining, comparing, evaluating and exploring a topic, and this must be one topic for one essay. There may be the need to refer to other topics, but the core of the essay must focus on one topic. This is an ideal essay. An writing an informative essay or any other type of essay may do the informing in a direct or indirect way. It may also choose to come humorously or with a very serious disposition. Whichever way it chooses to work, it must focus on the central point of the subject being discussed. Essays in English can do the work of describing personal opinions. They can also report information in a plain manner. You can write your college essay from any perspective though the first person and the third person are the predominant ways of writing essay com in English.

When you are told to write an essay in English , you should consider many things. The number one thing to consider is the fact that English essays are graded according to different criteria. Now, all essays are meant to assess some skills in the students and this assessment is graded to arrive at your final score. There are different parts of the essay that receive special consideration when teachers grade any type of English essay. If you are writing the huge essays that involve deep research, you will have things like the dissertation abstracts being allotted huge marks. But when you write the small 500 word essays and other short essays that we are referring to here, you will be looking at the thesis statement and other parts like the introduction and conclusion as special areas. When you are on the huge essays, you should allow us to offer you the < a href="/dissertation-methodology/">dissertation methodology to use, so as to come tops. Your essay in English is also graded according to the points you make. Here, the logic of what you write, the weight of the evidence and how authoritatively you reveal what you present is seriously assessed. On the other angle, the structure of the essay that involves the outline and format is assessed too. Here, the lecturer will look at how your points are stated, how you transit from the introduction to the body and to the conclusion, and how the thoughts flow in the work. After this, the next aspect of the Diwali essay in English to be assessed is the use of English in the work. Here, the grammar, the punctuations, the use of vocabularies and the absence of other errors are also assessed. These are put together to determine the mark you will be awarded. Therefore, for you to produce a good essay in English , you should have a good grasp of all the aforementioned. In our online firm, we will teach you how to ensure that your essay satisfies all about these different areas.

Types of essay in English

There are different types of essay that can be written in English language. These essays are all focused on the spreading of information about a subject or person, but they do this with different approaches. The most prevalent essay type is the descriptive essay. This is the type of essay that tries to provide details about the look, taste, feel, and smell of something. We can say that it focuses on the 5 sensory organs to explain something. While this can be talking about a tangible thing, it can also describe an abstract concept. For instance, one can be asked to describe a speech in an essay. This will entail a descriptive essay about a particular speech. We can also teach you how to how to write a speech. There is also the definition essay. Now, many people will be tempted to confuse this with the descriptive essay, but this shouldn’t be because the difference is very clear. While the descriptive describes something, the definition only defines it by giving the specific meaning only. Now, while this is not to give a simple dictionary definition of the thing, it should not go into an in-depth description of contents and characters like the descriptive. It can define directly or indirectly with stories and illustrations. When you are asked to write corruption essay in English , the descriptive essay will tend to describe situations of corruption, while that of definition will just define the term.

There is also the compare and contrast essay, and this is simply meant to discuss the differences and similarities between things. It can also talk about concepts, people or places. This may be written in two methods. While one may try to convince the reader to see the goodness in things, the other may just discuss the similarities and differences in an unbiased manner. There is also the cause and effect essay that explains the reasons an event happened, how it happened and the result of such happenings. We will teach you how to write all these types of essays as well as offer a perfect cse paper to you.

  • There are many other essay types in English, and they include narrative, process, argumentative, explorative essays and others.
  • All these essays can be written with the same format and guideline, as they have the same structure and parts.



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