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Facts about essay describing a person

You will encounter essays in colleges, no doubt about that. However, while most of the essays will be on subjects, concepts and abstract ideas, you will encounter lots of essays describing people in your life. This may be an essay describing your parents. It may be an essay describing your friend and it may be about influential people in your life. When you write such writing a profile essay , you simply have to realize that you are writing a short essay. To this effect, it will still come with the same format with other short essays. Your essay should have an introduction, a body paragraph that will involve about three paragraphs and the conclusion that will restate what you have written about the person in question. This essay as usual should be rated and graded the same way other essays are graded. In our firm, we offer the best dissertation editing services. But it does not end here; we will also offer an essay describing a person. Even if you are told to write this in your high school, we will also help you. We have writers for different grades. We have people who write essays for high school students. We have college level essay writers, and we also have those who write essays for the master's and doctoral candidates. Whichever grade you need, just come in with us and we will assign writers that will develop great essays for you.

You must write describe a person essay with the mindset that three main things are judged to grade you. The first is the objectivity of the things you write about the person and the methods you employ in presenting your argument. This includes how the inferences lead to your conclusion and how logical are the conclusions you make about the person you are describing. This should be the number one area where your teacher will focus on when marking your paper. If you know the logic and objectivity you were taught in the practical analytic and reasoning class, apply them properly here, the same way you should apply them in writing other research papers. We can also help in writing the best resume writing service for you. Your essay is also graded according to your use of English, and here, your punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure and other literary skills are looked at. The next thing that is taken into consideration in grading this type of essay is the format you use in writing the essay. We have said that your essay must come with an introduction of one paragraph, a body of 3 paragraphs and a conclusion of one paragraph. This is coupled to other formatting rules you will be given by your lecturer about citations, quotations, referencing and other things to include in the work. This is the third area the lecturer looks at in allotting or awarding marks to you. For you to gain good grades, you must ensure that your essay describe a person fulfills all the dictates in these areas.

Tips for essay describing a person

Some tips are inevitable when you write an essay in the description of any person at all. You have to know that the personal essays have something about them that makes them be called character sketches. So, your essay should be written by creating pictures in your head about the person you are describing. The first thing about such essay lies in choosing the person to write about. Of course, it is very obvious that you cannot write a good essay about someone you do not know or someone you do not have enough information about. So, whenever you are told to choose the person to write about, choose someone you know very well. Though you may write about a fictitious person if the case is relevant, but it is best if it is someone you know well. If you have been given the person to write a descriptive essay about, then you have to make enough research and conduct detailed studies about the person so as to gather as much information as possible. It is good to note that it is not all about a person that you will write. But you are better off having enough information so that you know the ones to pick and the ones to jettison. Information is needed for every essay type, even if it is a writing a compare and contrast essay because you can only compare and contrast with facts and points.

Another thing about an essay describing a person is that you should stick to the doctrine of showing and not just telling. You are wrong when you base your essay on simply describing the person physically. You should bring on character traits, and try to explain these traits in details. Make sure of very specific actions, words and even behaviors to tell who and what the person is. However, it does not mean that you have to abandon the physical traits. The physical traits must also be described in details. When you write an essay describing a person , people should be able to pick out the person through the character traits and the physical attributes you describe the person. Areas you choose to talk about should be discussed in detail about the person, just as it is in the case study definition we offer our clients.

  • Writing about character traits does not mean sugarcoating, so you should write both the negative and positive ones, so as to describe the person well.
  • You should ensure that your essay does not exceed the limit given by your lecturer. This may be a minus for you if you don’t follow it strictly.
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