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Why do we need essays about technology

Essay writing is a typical and very effective way of assessing the students’ knowledge and periodically checking their academic self-awareness throughout the year. Although the IT sphere is typically the one where people are assessed by practical tasks executed with technological tools or simple in written code, but not by essay writing, a written assignment is often used by IT professors and scholars in other disciplines, who teach the subject of technology to other majors’ students. Why are narrative essays about technology increasing in popularity?

First of all, writing an essay is very useful for developing writing ability and the talent for expressing your thoughts. Many IT specialists lack basic communication skills and soft skills in general, and that’s why writing an essay about information technology is one of the ways to learn how to write, express your thoughts in the written form and develop the verbal intellect, which is important to general intelligence and IQ increase. Then, the IT sphere is a very fast-developing one, and thus much synthetical and analytical work must be done in order to keep track of the novelties, be informed and develop IT teaching. Based on this, technology essays are a useful thing for both students and active IT specialists.

How to write an essay about technology

Writing an essay about computer technology is both easy and difficult. It is easy because you can find any information you need on the Internet about the specific technological aspects, it is often unified and well structured, so there is no difficulty in finding sources. Additionally, most of the beneficial IT sources are free of charge on the web. The bad news is that putting fragments of codes, technological inventions names and coding theory into a complete coherent text is a difficult task and many IT specialists are not used to doing this. So the following information is especially for you.

The typical technology thesis format is very similar to standard essay format. It must consist of an introduction, the main part, which in turn should contain a theoretical overview and a practical part, and a thesis conclusion. The following pattern is easy to understand:

  • the introduction of an essay writing about technology should clearly state the topic of the essay. The topic may be very hard to define properly, but it is harder to make an introduction to the topic, a sort of lead-in – to prepare the reader for further development of your thought. Prepare and warm the reader up, but don’t talk about the main core of the essay matter.
  • the main body may consist of two parts – the theoretical one and the practical one, the word or size limit of each of them should be advised on by your professor. The theoretical part may contain an overview of the literature or Internet sources, but not your own opinion, so be sure to not use the opinion markers like “In my opinion”, “To my mind” etc. Instead, use reference markers like “According to…”, “As stated in the research article …” and so on. Always make references to the authors you quote and paste the links to web resources. Make your analysis many-sided, and quote at least 10 different sources for the best mark.
  • the practical part must answer the practical question of your task if you have one. If you don’t, clearly this part may be omitted. A practical task is usually assigned to prove the theory working, but those are sometimes hard to accomplish, and it is always a nice idea to go find a service which can suggest how to write a coursework and come up with a solution to your practical task.
  • finally, a conclusion can be made at the end to summarize the theoretical points and make a short prognosis about the future of the particular technology or software you were writing about. It is always pleasant to check your prognosis in a few years and see it turned out to be true!

Final essay about technology suggestions


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Apart from writing a final essay, it is always worth proofreading and formatting an essay, and these services can help you with that. Checking your work is as important as actually doing it, because if you don’t check diligently, your professor’s opinion of your work may significantly decrease, and the grade will go down because the impression will be spoiled. For whatever reason you address the writing services, be sure they will do their job well.

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