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Essay About Pollution: A Promise to The Future Generations

“We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” This quote stresses the need for a sustainable environment. The resources we enjoy today should be preserved so that the future generations, our children, may live in the same abundance that we lived.

Despite this universal understanding, we tend to forget our responsibility towards the future inhabitants of the earth. This negligence manifests in the unending problem of pollution. This english paper aims to lay down the various types of pollution, the insidious harms it brings, and the actions we could take to help in preserving Mother Nature.

Essay about pollution: The Faces of Pollution

Noise pollution is the first kind. This is the result of excessive noise produced in a particular location. Today, the world’s noise is mainly gotten from the sounds of machines used for transportation such as cars and trains and industrial activities such as the construction of buildings. The common harm, as usually stated in an essay about noise pollution , is a hearing impairment. However, society often is not familiar that being exposed to an undesirable amount of noise also results into cardiovascular irregularities such as the rise in blood pressure. Which is part of what a dissertation conclusion will make known. Today, governments in countries where this pollution is a major problem have taken concrete measures. In the United Kingdom, over 500 confiscations of noise-producing equipment like speakers and televisions have been authorized to lessen the noise in private residences. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency assures that all the noise pollution federal laws are strictly implemented. All these facts and more should be included in creative essays.

The second pollution on the list is water pollution. This is the process of contaminating bodies of water through eliminating harmful substances into them. With a little effort to remove these pollutants, the natural flow of the body of water will be disturbed, leading to its “death” eventually. The common bodies of water that are affected by this include the oceans, rivers, and lakes. The major cause of water pollution is definitely man-made: organic and inorganic contaminants. Examples include food processing waste, insecticides, petroleum spills, and heavy metals. It should be ensured that an ideal mla essay format contains all of such information. Let’s use one type of pollutant and explain how it kills a body of water. Pesticides are often used by farmers to prevent pests from consuming their crops, right? These substances are liquid in nature and are sprayed onto the crops. When it rains, for an instance, the substance is washed over the crops. If a body of water is near the field, it’s safe to assume that the pesticide-contaminated water flows there, right? When these harmful chemicals contaminate the water in the river, for example, the content of the water will be disrupted. Pesticides stimulate algal bloom. This isn’t so bad if moderate but if the river is filled with an algal bloom, the oxygen levels continue to be consumed. Fishes and plant life in our rivers also need oxygen, yes? If it comes to a point where oxygen in the water is already scarce, fishes will surely die. Thus, we have the instances of fish kills. This story is only one of the numerous scenarios of water pollution. Because of its numerous natures, solutions are often expensive or at worst, unknown. For example, an essay about pollution should contain the fact that oil spill caused by Shell in Nigeria was left unresponded to because the government did not have the machineries to file lawsuits. Fortunately, the company eventually took responsibility and paid for damages. While there are mechanisms to stop water pollution, the best solution is vigilance that prevents abusers from hurting the health of our water bodies.

The third type is land pollution. It is the degradation of land resources, usually caused by human activities. As a result, the quality of land which should be maintained for the benefit of human productivity such as agriculture and construction is not achieved. The major causes of land pollution are as follows: mining, deforestation, and industrialization. The different causes also produce a variety of harms. Mining results in land spaces beneath, thus creating sink holes. Deforestation is elementary. You may already be familiar of this through a land pollution essay or a school lecture. The number of trees are lessened, the lesser stability the soil haves. As an implication, floods and soil erosion persist. For industrialization, the insatiable needs of man cause the environmental destruction. Since more food, water, and other needs should be produced, more by-products also need to be disposed. Because of this, more dump sites are created and more portions of land are harmed. Today, while governments cannot prevent these problems from transpiring because of the need to develop, they continuously regulate these harmful activities. Moreover, environmental groups such as Greenpeace continue to serve as “watchdogs” to keep environmental protection as a goal of humanity.

Air pollution has a similarity to water pollution. Like water pollution, the cause of air pollution is contaminants. While water pollution harms bodies of water, air pollution antagonizes the earth’s atmosphere. When toxic gasses contaminate the air, the effects to the health of individuals who inhale this air are unimaginable. People who live in the urban areas such as Los Angeles, California or Beijing, China are more likely to suffer from respiratory complications like tuberculosis and even lung cancer. Today, stricter regulations are implemented to improve air quality in the most polluted places in the world. China, for example, has banned vehicles that produce the most air contaminants. Since it is in their people’s interest to become safe from the harms of air pollution, we could expect that these efforts continue. So you should be rest assured that when it comes to essay editing , we make sure your composition contains all of such important information.

An essay about pollution ensures that all of us must realize the innate human responsibility to protect the environment. Not only should we knowledgeable of the causes of pollution through an essay about land pollution . Rather, we should take concrete actions be active solvers of the problem so that the future generations have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and pure land to live in and not just gadgets that key in words such as “ essay land pollution ” or “trees”.

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