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What you need to know regarding essays about bullying ?

During the last decade bullying became a more popular phenomenon, than we would like it to become. Unfortunately, it is what happens to students who attend middle, high school, college and university. That is why there is nothing new and surprising about the fact that bullying is a topic of writing assignments for students, so you are probably here because you need to write a paper on bullying, which demonstrates your attitude to this awful phenomenon, as well as discuss it and suggest some possible solutions or methods of preventing aggressive behavior of teenagers in all kinds of institutions. Bullying is a complicated and difficult issue, which requires researching not only from the side of a victim, but first of all, from the side of the aggressive students. In any case, this issue needs to be payed with enough of attention, because ignoring will lead to bad consequences.

Taking into consideration the kind of writing assignment you need to write, the purpose of your paper is going to be different. Anyway, the major and most important point of your essay is will be the problem of bullying and its meaning, causes and reasons, types, consequences, affects and so on. You are welcome to demonstrate your personal attitude and opinion in regard to this issue, without being afraid of rejection. The overall purpose of this writing assignment is to make students and their professors aware of the fact that everybody is disturbed by the existence of bullying, it is a widespread phenomenon which needs to be discussed. Also, and in case that he faces this problem on his own, it is essential to inform about it everybody, including but not limited to the teachers, professors and parents.

What are students expected to write in their papers about bullying?

If you are assigned to write a persuasive essay about bullying , you need to enlighten the importance of this issue in the light of your own opinion and provide arguments that prove your main point. You need to persuade your potential audience in the seriousness of the consequences of bullying (if this is what you are trying to tell) by means of providing precise examples from real life, citations and so on. At the same time, you can do a research on a psychological aspect concerning students who behave themselves aggressively and hurt other students in different ways. In fact, when writing an essay about bullying , you may also provide your own thoughts regarding the ways of preventing and stopping bullying and support it with strong argumentation. Below, we provided a number of ideas that can be helpful if you are a victim of bullying:

  • Demonstrate your reaction immediately. If you are a victim of another student's aggression, you need to look him directly in his eyes and let him know that you are not going to suffer. Keep in mind that rising of your voice will not be beneficial for you.
  • Prevent the escalation of situation. You need to avoid provoking the situation to further escalation. For this reason, it is much better to stay calm and don't participate in the situation by repeating after the aggressor or by taking steps toward moral or physical violence.
  • As for the social networking, including such web-sites as Facebook, email services, blogs and so on, giving no respond to bullying online is the best possible way to resolve the situation.
  • If the situation is dangerous for you physical and psychological health, consider getting essential help from outside. You don't have to wait too long until the situation gets even worse. Quite the opposite, you need to tell about it the school administrators or inform directly your parents.

It is important for you to know that many students all over the world face this problem and nobody should stay alone with it. You can take legal actions, which is appropriate in serious cases, where the aggressor cannot be stopped nor by school administrators, neither by you, or in case that nobody wants to help you.

Another type of essay that you may be asked to write, is essays speech about bullying . In this writing assignment, you can tell your personal story and show how you solved the problem. However, you can also tell a story that happened to any other person that you know or heard about. As a matter of fact, using an example from real life or recreation of somebody's experience always makes an essay speech interesting. All in all, consider your paper to be a kind of story telling or creative writing. The purpose of your paper is to provoke attention and interest of your potential audience and make your reader want to read your paper or listen to your speech to the end. You need to show all the seriousness of the phenomenon pf bullying and even suggest certain ways to stop it. The point is, in comparison to many other kinds of writing assignments, this one can include an emotional aspect and show your feelings.

Keep in mind that making conclusions is also an important part. Here, you need to summarize all your points and show how they are connected to each other. You may also restate your thesis statement or provoke your potential audience to further discussion of the bullying problem in the final sentence of your paper.

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