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Why do we write education essays?

The variety of assessment types and strategies in our modern day universities is huge. Written assessment is the kind of assessment that is used throughout the year, and many university professors actually rely more on written assignments while placing your grade rather than on final tests, It is especially important and beneficial for education students, because, while being assessed, they also learn to assess themselves by following the specific criteria provided by the professor. For example, if you don’t know how to write a reaction paper, you may ask for the assessment criteria at your teacher’s office, and these criteria will make it clear for you what its purpose is.


So what types of education topics for essays do we usually encounter? I would say there are two categories of topics: by purpose and by the actual topic. If we are looking at the types of essay by their different purposes, the list may be quite extended: a graduate or postgraduate thesis, a grant proposal , a report, a dissertation, a peer review of a scientific article and so on, the list can go on forever. One of the most odious topics is, of course, a scholarship essay, because no one ever knows how to write it in the right way in order to get a scholarship, and the winning essay is usually a very atypical one.

Types of higher education essay topics

If we take topics for higher education students, we may divide them by education topics and topics for higher education students from many different faculties. The higher education faculties are many, and we may divide the topics by profession you are about to get. There can be medical, banking, finances essays, essays on agriculture, tourism management or foreign languages, any topic can be referred to as education essay topics . It is essential to note that any type of essay named in the previous paragraph (postgraduate or undergraduate level) can be written in any faculty on any major you may possibly have.

As for the education essays, these may be written on various subjects. Education is a widely spread higher learning specialization, where students learn the basics and the advanced art of educating both children and adults. According to many dissertation editing services , the most popular education academic writing topics are as follows:

    • educational psychology
    • educational methodology
    • best educational practices and case studies
    • advanced methodology
    • TESOL methodology
    • theories of learning


Many case study topics are very closely related to fields other than education studies because education is predominantly an interdisciplinary science and cannot be restrained to a single field of studies. An educational methodology is important in teaching all academic subjects in all universities, that’s why sometimes you may have to deal with a topic like “How to teach molecular biology”, which is a cross-scientific topic that concerns both molecular biology and the psychology of teaching.

How to deal with education essays topics: While writing an essay on higher education or education in other field-related disciplines, you can follow the basic advice on writing essays. Research the theoretical background of your given topic, and then search for specific literature on education in the field, for example, “Teaching chemistry” or “Surgery teaching methodology”, if you are lucky, you’ll be able to find the specific book, and its name will duplicate the name of the essay. Otherwise, just try general educational methodology and then blend it with the knowledge of the specific field. Write an introduction, which may be a dissertation introduction or a similar one, then the main body paragraphs, one of which should be on the given field-related topic, and the other on educational methodology in the given field, and finish it with a concluding part where you give practical advice on teaching the subject matter.

Handling physical education essay topics is also an easy task and it follows a similar pattern. Physical education in general is slightly different from general education theory and practice, because it deals with physical development of children and, not so often, adults, and it is focused not so much on the cognitive aspect of knowledge, as on developing kinesthetic abilities, building muscle tissue and exercising physical body virtues like speed, concentration, endurance and balance. Thus, theoretical background in this subject cannot be compared to general education, and requires different literature and research. When you write about physical education, try to highlight the differences between classic and physical education, like methodology, classroom practices and patterns, assessment and planning. Focus on the practical aspects of a physical education lesson, because these are majorly devoid of theory and revolve entirely around practical exercises and developing practical skills and abilities.

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