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Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Article.

The main theme of the novela, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is about man's dual being and between good and evil. The publication represents a double life of a person who is fed up with his normal life. Dr. Jekyll, a doctor and a well-liked member of a society of successful bachelors, that values his perfect reputation, created Mr. Hyde. His other persona. Dr. Jekyll considered this as an experiment to satisfy his dreams. He also felt repressed by the Victorian population. This is what my essay is going to be about.

I would explain Dr. Jekyll's apperance as somewhat a relaxed, middle-aged, large, sympathetic person.

He was an effective face of the Victorian society, cared about his reputation greatly, was well educated and carring. Also possessed good manners and he was able to determine the difference between good and bad. Mr. Hyde, on the other palm, is a total opposite of Jekyll. He gives the impression to be deformed and troglodyte. Hyde is violant, hairy, and far more radiant than Jekyll and many people feel sickened by him. Hyde was ignorant and only cared about himself. You could say Hyde is sort of Jekyll's evil persona. He demonstrates evil by trampling just a little girl, or getting rid of Carew Lanyon with such anger and cruelty as being a madman, however the situation where Jekyll created Hyde had not been all evil. He created Hyde to satisfy himself and explore what he cannot do as Jekyll, which normal inside our everyday lifes. Most of us want why is us happy. The creation of Hyde was an experiment that simply proceeded to go wrong. Why would a successful doctor generate a monster? That which was his motive? Despite the fact that Dr. Jekyll was the kind of person who recognized the difference between good and incorrect, he was still individual and acquired his needs.

In the Victorian society the requirements of morality did not allow certain behaviours. There was a low tolerance for crime, tight communal code of do, and any erotic behaviour was forbidden. Thus Dr. Jekyll made a decision to create Hyde expressing his wants which he was not able to express as himself in the Victorian world. He found a aspect of him he wishes release a but does not want to show you himself. He also didn't want to cause much trouble for himself. So he made a transgression to another person. Jekyll was happy that he could point out himself and accomplish his needs without his friends knowing. Otherwise his reputation, which I bet he functioned hard on, would be demolished. His fear of sacrificing his reputation was the only thing stopping him from doing the things he wished to do. If it wasn't for the Victorian population and its morals, Jekyll wouldn't normally have created Hyde. The strictness of the Victorian times made him want to reach to get more detailed. He felt the necessity to explore the ''dark'' area of life. As time passes his evil home grew stronger and stronger. So I guess you might blame the Victorian population for creating a monster that Jekyll accepted as his other do it yourself. In a way the Victorian society is responsible for Hyde's cruelty.

As I stated before, the creation of Hyde was Jekyll's test He had taken great pleasure in his experiment Naturally Jekyll thought he'd be able to control Hyde but down the road Hyde gets control. ''. . . I can be rid of Mr. Hyde. . . '' Jekyll remarks he has control over Hyde and can stop him at any moment. But the pleasure he gets from his test is much more robust than he thought it would be. The ugly face of Hyde slowly but surely gets control Jekyll with more greed, slowly getting out of control. Jekyll asks Utterson for justice for Hyde when he is no longer there. So is this where Jekyll started to lose control over his own creation? For me, yes. That's where his evil side started becoming dominating. The greed for pleasure lead to both of their fatalities. The temptation to discover was a mystery to him and he wanted to explore it more than anything. Jekyll believed so repressed by the Victorian modern culture, he thought his only choice was to create a monster.

The Vitorian modern culture, Jekyll's experiment and his greed for more lead to creating Hyde. His normal life as Dr. Jekyll had not been interesting. Perhaps it was melancholic. His other life as Mr. Hyde was sort of his love but also it was overwhelming at the same time. Soon it became his addiction. He acted like he desired, and did the things he wanted to without anyone ever before knowing it was him. So his experiment was not everything bad until the greed became more than him and he lost control. The satisfaction he acquired out of being Hyde seemed to be worth everything. The author of this e book Robert Louis Stevenson explores the separate between two times lifes. He explores it with both main people Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. These are totally opposite but still they have one trait in keeping, they are the same person. The good and the bad. Dr. Jekyll being the perfect bachelor and Mr. Hyde the unattractive, vicious creature.

Stevenson, R. L. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Pocket Catalogs, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, NY.

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