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Let’s learn how to write a descriptive essay about a place

You’ve probably written hundreds of essays, but now we’ll be dealing with a special one. What about descriptive essays about a place ? Here below you’ll see a descriptive essay example about a place .

Writers normally get down to writing a descriptive essay about a place , when there’s a need to make a vivid picture of a certain place. Unlike narrative essays, which unveil their meaning via a personal story, a descriptive essay is built around a highly detailed and sensory observation. This type of essays takes advantage of the whole power of language as well as human senses in order to bring its subject to life for the audience.

If readers come away from your descriptive essay with the feeling they’ve just been to this particular place, you’ve done a good job as a writer.

Professional essay writers know for sure that any creative writing takes time and effort. Understanding and following the proven tips can help any writers, even students. Now let’s get familiar with this piece of pure wisdom, which can turn any newbie into a mature author.

The first stage includes prewiring. At this stage, you should allocate some time to think about what place needs to be described in your descriptive essay. Your topic doesn’t necessarily need to be unusual and famous. For instance, you can describe an ordinary tree house.

Having picked up a topic, get down to brainstorming anything associated with this theme. For instance, in addition to writing about a certain place, you can also focus on the surroundings. That’s going to be a decent background for the major scene of your descriptive essay. Consider not only the physical characteristics of the place described by you, but also memories, feelings and ideas associated with it. Undoubtedly, memories and emotions play a significant role in conveying the whole significance of the subject. Thoroughly plan the focus of every paragraph and then make an outline to put all the details into a logical sequence.

Having created the initial draft of your descriptive essay, you require following the strict outline. Keep in mind that your objective is to provide your readers with a vast experience of the subject. When describing the subject make use of all the senses. So, except sight, utilize touch, hearing, taste and smell in your depiction. Make your audience see the whole amazing beauty of the sunset, let them admire a thrilling song, smell of marvelous flowers and feel the touch of friendly cat.

Make use of figurative as well as descriptive language. You can also use concrete images for describing your subject. Metaphors and similes are welcome too.

If you pick up the right subject, you’ll definitely enjoy the process of describing it. Most likely, after a while you’ll recall the process as a rewarding experience, if you’re a true writer by nature. Descriptive essays never rely on pure facts as well as examples. They also exploit the author’s ability to create a vivid mental picture for the audience.

Once you finish your writing, it’s time to shift to the revision stage. So, you require reviewing, modifying and reorganizing your writing work in compliance with your objective. When revising your descriptive essay, keep these crucial considerations in mind:

  • Are there enough details to provide the audience with a complete picture?
  • Does your descriptive essay unfold in a way, which really helps your readers to appreciate the subject? Do any paragraphs appear to be confusing rather than describing?
  • Is there a solid connection between the description and its meaning to the author?
  • Have your employed the five key senses and figurative language to convey all of your emotions and meaning?

It’s up to you to hold your readers tight from the first lines to the last paragraph. A descriptive essay need to be precise in all its details, but without getting ahead of itself. Going from the general to the specific is a normal approach for many essay writers. That’s what you should do too. Otherwise, it will be hard for your readers to build a solid picture in their mind.

Now we should edit your descriptive essay. At this point of your writing process, you should proofread and correct mistakes. Don’t forget to improve your clarity and style. Stay away from the excessive use of adjectives, adverbs and clichés. Let your friend read the newly written descriptive essay. He’ll see it from a fresh perspective and most likely discover hidden glitches.

The newly created descriptive essay needs to find its way to readers’ hearts. Respectively, it should be published, shared or even sold if you know how. We hope you’ll use feedback with readers to make your next writing work much better.

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