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Analyzing the movie: your dead poets society essay

There’s no doubt that directed by Peter Weir «The Dead Poets Society» is a great success from different perspectives. That’s a real innovation in the world of cinema. It enables many people to look at poetry from an unusual angle. The movie is built around the educational importance of humanity care for students. You can hardly find a movie where the theme of education would play a more significant role. Does standard education suffocate individuality or not? The topic awaits a precise answer. That’s what we’re going to write about in this dead poets society essay .

The movie evokes all sorts of thoughts. For many people education has always been rather a controversial element. Sure, we’re talking about its controversial nature regarding our human welfare. Even today no one knows for sure what education you need to be wealthy or happy. Can you tell for sure what kind of education is bad and good? We hope to find the exact answer in your dead poets society essay . If you find up-to-date education ill-suited or you think it can suppress anyone’s individuality, give your reasons in the dead poets society review essay .

The movie tells us about Mr. Keating, an innovative and progressive lecturer. He dares to overturn the traditionally respected teaching methodology. He does it by inspiring his students with enthusiasm, passion and creativeness. Mr. Keating encourages them to be real individuals. He’s used to standing on the desk during his lessons. Do you find it weird? Answer in your dead poet society essay .

There’s a huge contradiction between Keating and the school, while the students educated by him can’t get along with their own parents.

The movie develops from rather a spectacular and even splendid beginning to the grief-stricken and gloomy ending. We feel that killing suspense and to our great regret realize that Keating is literally doomed to be crucified at his workplace.

The plot unfolds from the rigid and tedious Latin as well as Math classes, shifting sharply to the ripping books and the so-called «seize the day» education. Then, the Dead Poets Society arises. That’s a secret club. All the meetings are held in a cave. The club members gather there to discuss philosophy, poetry as well as other interesting topics.

Whatever Keating offers, it meets absolute deny by the school authority and parents. However, Keating’s ideas are accepted by his students, as it’s very close to their dreams. Do your find Keating’s pedagogical approach useful? Lots of students answer this question in their dead poets society essays .

Reality and dream are often discussed in the movie. Unfortunately, they can’t get along with each other in the certain historical background. We’re mean the collapse of stock market as well as melting of Cold War. As a part of American dream, the US education is still stuffed with contradictions. Generous dreams are destroyed. However, students are still ambitious, they’ve got dreams and objectives to be met, but they’re all undervalued. Students are taught to be obedient and they get what they’re told. As for dreams, they’re believed to exist in heaven, but a compromise is what students have to live with and it’s reality. Perhaps, Keating tried to make dreams superior.

The weird teacher definitely calls to the return to humanity. Otherwise, people may become less «human», but more like a biological machine with set patterns in mind. For instance, Neil is good at study. He also demonstrates decent results in acting. Meanwhile, Neil is strictly controlled by his father. He has no choice except meeting his father’s expectations. Unfortunately, this leads to suicide. Evidently, conformation and freedom of soul, authority and individuality will never be reconciled.

Keating’s tragedy clearly points out to the deviation of school education. There’s a huge necessity of democratic involvement of students and teachers in school management. Though quality-oriented education still remains actual, family education is expected to practice open policy. So, parents should demonstrate solicitude for the information about their kids outside school and at school. Parents should take advantage of self-management with reasonable guardianship and tutelage.

There’s no doubt that communication is fully indispensable when it comes to averting confrontations. Parents are fully responsible for educating their kids and love can serve as education Stern suffocation of kids can only provoke spiritless in mind. We don’t want to turn our kids into walking ghosts, do we? With this severe approach, kids will never become integral personalities and bright individualities. That’s what many dead poets society essay topics warn of.

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