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Cultural Identity Essay: What is Cultural Identity?

At the first point, Hall states that cultural identity in the shape of single culture, which is being shared by reflecting distinctive chronological practices and common cultural ethics. Furthermore, these cultural ethics and widespread chronological practices provide us, as one populace, with steady, continuous and unchanging surroundings of reference and meaning (Hall, p.393).

The second point narrates that it depends heavily on the individual's practice of his / her culture. That means that culture is always changing and it is not stagnant as claimed by the first explanation.

How to write a Cultural Identity Essay


When it comes to writing a cultural identity essay one must know that we all speak and write a specific time and place from history and, of course, culture that is also specific to all of us. For example, if you say that you are a citizen of a country in which, elected officials and nationals of that country enjoy the pride of multiculturalism, as an achievement and as an endeavor, for instance, if you say that you speak Russian at home. In Moscow, one of the country's major cities, a language other than one of the two popular languages i.e. Russian and Ukrainian, is spoken in more than 10% of the homes. Not only is Moscow ethnically distinct but people more and more report sophisticated origins.

When you start writing your essay on cultural identity , try to be more specific as broadening the subject may confuse the reader. The core purpose of your cultural and identity essay should be to reflect the answers to the questions related to, who you are? And to have an impact, it must cover a number of facets of yourself, for example, your given name, your character and your main beliefs and values. Try to insert little details about your associates, relatives, neighborhood and traditions as these collectively and individually play an important part of your identity and are also responsible for shaping your individuality up and by itself are integral to your culture and tradition essay . Finding your own personal life deeply helps you understand the effect of other people and experiences in shaping up your own identity. Well-written culture and identity essays always tell the readers about how the writers view themselves and the people who play a role in their lives.

The information in the present times is relatively easy to find and to get benefit from. The best source is the internet where there is a huge amount of related stuff available like book reviews , case study research papers and dissertation introduction , even some of the material in a well written grant proposal can give you an insight into the related knowledge. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the following salient points:


    • You can develop your cultural identity essays from several perspectives.


    • You can denote a number of ideas and values and perceptions, of course, of the world around you.


    • Keep in mind that children are unaware of the problems of different cultures and identity issues, they need to be taught without harboring prejudices.


    • You must also keep in mind while writing cultural identity essay that people become conscious about their individual identity after attaining the age of puberty. This is where the one’s cultural, racial and language identities start playing an important role in their lives.


The act of Article Critique. When it comes to how to critique an article, where your college professor asks you to put pen to paper to critique a text, he or she usually expects from you to evaluate and analyze it, instead of just summarizing it, because a summary only depicts what the written words say, that is, it only provides the answer of the question “What does the author say?” In contrast to this, a review writer or a critique reads between the lines, weighs up and analyzes the essay by responding to the queries like why? how? how good?. It is pertinent to note that an appraisal does not essentially criticize the writing piece in a negative context. The reaction of a critique should be positive or negative or a blend of the both negative and positive, but it would be worth to narrate that why have you responded to a particular essay in a particular way?


Planning is everything so plan to write your critique for any cultural and identity essay in a standard form; that is, in an article or essay form. It would be better for you to not to follow the writer’s orderliness while arranging your analysis about the essay as this kind of an action guides towards a summary writing instead of an analysis. Start your critique with an introduction that explains the subject of that particular cultural and identity essay and clearly put your opinion about the subject. Here you will need to defend your judgment by pointing out the negative and positive aspects of the essay.



To conclude your critique, summarize your arguments by reinforcing your opinion. For this you will need to examine and define the ideas of the author. Add précised passages in support of your explanations about the writer’s viewpoint. Write your personal opinion by explaining your thinking about the line of reasoning. Put several points about which you disagree or have an agreement, refer to certain passages from the article by summarizing, quoting, or paraphrasing to provide support for your arguments.


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